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Kristian Alfonso Reflects on 30 Years as DAYS' Hope and That Falcon Crest Stint

One half of my all-time favorite soap supercouple is celebrating quite the milestone. Thirty years ago this month, Kristian Alfonso made her debut as fiery society princess Hope Williams on Days of Our LivesWe Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb caught up with the ravishing brunette to discuss her tenure in Salem, U.S.A.  Check out a few excerpts after the jump!

On the possibilities of Hope's life post-Bo:

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WE LOVE SOAPS: You have played so many different types of stories on DAYS. Is there anything Hope hasn't done at this point that you would really like to see her do?

KRISTIAN ALFONSO: I have to always say that with the different writers through the years and producers, I leave it to them. I don't even try to guess because they would always come up with a far better story than I ever could. They've never disappointed me and always challenged me. And I don't believe I've ever repeated a storyline. Now that Hope is single... well, not single, but Peter[Reckell] is no longer on the show, there really is a plethora of things that could be discovered.

On starring opposite the late Jane Wyman on the hit primetime soap Falcon Crest:

WE LOVE SOAPS: You've played many roles outside of daytime in your career. Our readers enjoyed you immensely as Pilar on FALCON CREST and Lauren in MELROSE PLACE. Any fun stories from those sets you can share?

KRISTIAN ALFONSO: I was working with Jane Wyman on FALCON CREST and, of course, I was a nervous wreck and telling myself "never them them see you sweat." In between setups Jane and I would be sitting and chit-chatting. I remember the A.D. coming over one day and saying, "Excuse me, Ms. Wyman, the First Lady is on the phone and would like to speak with you." Jane has been married to [President] Ronald Reagan. She said, "I'm busy, I'm busy, I'm busy," and waved him away. But very nicely. I was kind of surprised that the First Lady was calling. We continued our conversation and he came back over again and said, "She really needs to be speak with you." But she waved him away again. About 15 minutes later the A.D. came back and she looked at him and said, "What?" He said, "I'm sorry Ms. Wyman, but it's the President of the United States." It was just incredible to sit there and watch the whole thing.

What I wouldn't give for Warner Horizon to mount a Falcon Crest reboot, centered on the children of Lance (Lorenzo Lamas) and Pilar Ortega Cumson, battling the descendants of the late Chase (Robert Foxworth) and Maggie (Susan Sullivan) for all of Tuscany Valley. Until then, happy Salem anniversary, La Alfonso!

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