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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Laura sobs over Lulu’s lifeless body. She expresses regret over not being there when Lulu needed her most. She's thankful Lulu was her daughter. Laura says it should have been her. 

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Next, Luke has his time with Lulu. He was proud to be her father, and doesn’t believe in God because of things like this.  He remembers Lulu as the stubborn, cynical teenager who stood up for him when no one else did.  He feels it was his responsibility to protect her, and he failed.  He asks her forgiveness.

Dante hugs Lulu’s body, and cries he won’t know what to do without her.  He remembers when they first met at Jake’s, and how he knew he was in love from their first kiss. He will always love her.   

AJ catches Carly letting herself into Michael’s apartment to make sure he’s all right.  He reminds her Michael is an adult.  Carly wants to go to Sonny, but AJ advises her against it.  He warns Sonny could fly into a jealous rage, and hurt Michael.  Carly defends Sonny, and believes he’ll see Brenda as the guilty party.  AJ says Sonny is a violent thug, and Brenda is his obsession.  He warns Carly not to treat Michael like a child.  

Sonny comes home to find his front door open and goes inside, guns blazing, He's relieved to discover it's only Michael, waiting to talk to him.  Michael confesses he got drunk and slept with Brenda.  He apologizes for betraying Sonny.  Sonny asks if Brenda was sorry, but Michael claims they had nothing to be ashamed of. He asks for his father’s forgiveness.  Sonny knows it wasn’t Michael’s fault, and commends him for confessing. The two hug.  After Michael leaves, Sonny decides he can forgive his son, but not Brenda.  

Dr. Obrecht informs Britt she’s leaving town.  Britt is upset she’s being left alone, despite her mother’s assurances Patrick will come around.  Britt wants a relationship with him, but her mother tells her to stop being weak. She reminds Britt the baby gives her power.  Dr. Obrecht advises her daughter to use the element of surprise. She asks Britt to bring her grandchild for a visit.  

Patrick runs into Sabrina, who says they need to discuss Britt.  Patrick doesn’t want the baby to change their feelings for each other. 

Bobbie finds Scotty getting drunk in his room. He kisses her, and then wonders what life would have been like for them. She admits she's done the same, but realized he only had eyes for Laura years ago.  Scotty asks about men in Seattle, but Bobbie hasn’t found the right one yet.  Bobbie tells him she’s heading back to Seattle. 

Patrick takes Noah to the airport.  Noah warns him not to let Britt ruin his relationship with Sabrina.  He tells Patrick to grab love with both hands.  Dr. Obrecht runs into the Drake men on her way out of town, and tells Patrick she watched the ball on television. She was moved by the tribute to his late wife.  She congratulates him on the announcement of his new baby. 

Felix implies to Sabrina that Britt might have planned the pregnancy, but Sabrina doesn’t believe it. She doesn't think there was a way for Britt to know Sabrina and Patrick could have been together now. Britt hears Felix say Britt will use the baby to break them apart.  Britt promises not to use the baby to break up Sabrina and Patrick.  

Bobbie calls Carly to say her goodbyes, and then heads to the airport. She runs into Noah there.  Noah tells her he will now be working at her hospital in Seattle. 

Michael comes home, and is angry to find Carly waiting for him.  He tells her to leave him alone. 

When Patrick gets back to the hospital, Britt assures him she won't cause trouble for him and Sabrina. She’s decided not to have the baby. 

Sonny calls his men to find Brenda, and bring her to him.  Connie arrives on his doorstep.

Dante hears Lulu’s heart beating, and Luke does CPR. He revives her, and the three are thrilled she’s alive.  Dante explains she was kidnapped.  Laura tells Lulu no one can hurt her now.  Lulu speaks, and says she’s never seen any of them before in her life.