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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu refuses to go anywhere with her parents and Dante.  Laura explains Lulu was kidnapped.  Dante reminds Lulu he’s her husband, but Lulu says Stavros is her husband. She's adamant that she doesn’t know any of them.  Dante tries to kick start Lulu’s memory by telling her about their wedding day, but it doesn't help.

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Luke wants them all to back off, but Dante’s worried about what exactly Stavros did to Lulu.  Laura explains to Lulu where her name came from, but nothing jogs her memory.  

Spinelli pays Heather a visit, and asks for her help in finding Franco’s daughter.  Heather pretends to not know anything, but Spin appeals to her feelings for Luke. He mentions if Tracy gets the information, Luke will get back together with her.  Heather agrees to tell Spin what she knows. 

Patrick is shocked when Britt says she’ll get an abortion.  Britt knows Patrick was horrified to learn she was pregnant, and doesn’t want to raise the baby by herself.  Britt grew up without a father, and wouldn’t do that to a child.  Britt tells Patrick he’s free, and can go back to his life.  

Nikolas is on the phone with Spencer, when a new doctor arrives and begins asking him personal questions.  Epiphany catches her, and explains the doctor is actually a reporter for a tabloid.  Nikolas threatens to sue the reporter, and then have her fired.  

Sonny’s glad to see Connie, and asks who she is.  Connie admits she’s neither Kate nor the wild Connie. She’s been integrated and is using her given name.  Connie has to break up with Sonny, because she can’t break apart again.  Sonny loves all of her, and doesn’t understand why she needs to break up with him.  He wants to talk to her doctor, but Connie reiterates she must stay away from him. She kisses him on the cheek before leaving.  

AJ finds Tracy at Kelly’s trying to sell her relish to Shawn.  She reveals she’s going to relaunch the condiment.  AJ tells Tracy that Spin is off to find the missing heir. Once he finds her, AJ will get her to sign with him.  He warns Tracy to keep fighting or exit gracefully. 

Tracy knows AJ won ELQ, but she’s going to start her own company and produce the relish.   AJ reminds Tracy that even though she might have the recipe, ELQ owns the rights to the name. A disgusted Tracy storms off to think of a new name. 

Felix and Sabrina discuss Britt, and Felix snarks about how Britt will use the baby to get back with Patrick.   Patrick tells Sabrina that Britt wants an abortion.  Felix confronts Britt, who says he knows nothing.  

Dante feels they need to get Lulu off the island, but Lulu refuses. She tells the trio they can’t make her do anything, and she’s Stavros’ wife. She should be safe on the island.  Luke warns that she isn’t, so Lulu finally agrees to leave with them. However, she doesn't want Dante's help. Laura worries about what Stavros did to traumatize Lulu.