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Victoria Principal’s Pam Ewing “Unequivocally Dead” on TNT’s Dallas

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In case Dallas fans didn't get the message, when the soap revealed Pamela Barnes Ewing 1.0 (Victoria Principal) was long dead in the Season 2 finale, the serial's showrunner is confirming the character has gone to the big Oil Baron's Ball in the Sky.

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, Dallas executive producer Cynthia Cidre stated the iconic character is “unequivocally dead.” Here's an excerpt:

TV Guide Magazine: When did you make the decision to kill Pam?

Cynthia Cidre: We were probably going to let [the mystery] continue for years on end. Then there were too many questions around it and a little too much drama for us after Victoria Principal's statement. (On March 1, Principal released a statement saying, "I cannot be held responsible for any choices made by producers once I left Dallas, but I do take responsibility for my decision not to risk tarnishing Bobby and Pam's love story with a desperate reappearance.) And so we decided it was best to put it to rest so that there would be no more questions.

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TV Guide Magazine: Just so we are clear, Pam is now unequivocally dead?

Cidre: Unequivocally dead.

Check out the entire must-read interview  at TV Guide Magazine.

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