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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ellie bumps into Maxie, who isn’t in a good mood. Maxie is angry with Ellie, because she believes Ellie is spying on her again.  Ellie admits she figured out Maxie’s secret was about Britt’s baby, and Maxie plays along. However, Britt overhears them talking, and spirits Maxie away for her check up. 

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Spinelli gives Sam a check he received from AJ for services rendered. She tells him she doesn’t need the money, and he should keep all of it.  Spin tells her he was hired to find Franco’s daughter, and Heather gave him some information.  Sam gets a call that her nanny is sick, so Spin offers to babysit Danny while she goes to court. 

Michael tells AJ he told Sonny about Brenda.  AJ tells him Tracy isn’t allowed to advertise the relish under the name Pickle Lila. Michael thinks they should make their own relish. 

Olivia informs Sonny that Dante found Lulu, and they’re all on their way home.  Sonny tells her Connie is back, and Olivia is thrilled, especially since Sonny stuck by Connie through everything.  Sonny blurts out Connie left him, because she can’t be near him. Sonny asks Olivia to keep an eye on Connie for him.  

Carly finds Connie taking apart Todd’s office to resurrect Crimson.  Carly calls her Kate, but Connie tells Carly not to call her that anymore. She's Connie, and can’t have any triggers that might cause her to regress.  Carly’s glad Connie is doing well, and knows Sonny must be happy about her progress.  Connie admits she broke it off with Sonny, and Carly becomes enraged since he never left her side.  Carly tells Connie about Brenda’s return, and advises her to be sure about the break-up.  

Alexis petitions the court to have Lucy be declared Rafe’s legal guardian.  Lucy takes the stand, and claims she has Rafe’s best interest at heart.  The judge worries about her fitness as a parent, and lists off all her recent bad deeds.  Alexis brings in Sam, as a character witness.  Sam tells the judge Lucy saved her and Danny’s lives. She’d trust Lucy with her own child.   

Spin meets with AJ and Michael, and gives them an update on Franco’s daughter.  He believes Franco’s mother knows the child’s whereabouts, and plans on paying her a visit.  

Ellie overhears Maxie and Britt discussing the baby, and how the secret wasn’t about Britt’s unborn child.  Britt kicks Ellie out, and Maxie worries about what exactly Ellie heard. Ellie goes to Spin with her newfound information on Maxie's baby. 

Olivia finds Connie, and is happy she’s back. However, she questions what Connie was thinking when she broke up with Sonny.

Carly calls Spin to find Brenda, but he tells her he has another case. Therefore, Carly decides she needs to deal with Brenda herself. Carly goes to Sonny to tell him Brenda seduced Michael.  Sonny already knows, and Carly wonders why Brenda isn’t dead.  

The judge decides Lucy is not fit to be Rafe’s guardian, and denies the petition.  Alexis says they need to find someone else in PC, who can take him in.  Sam can't think of anyone. Lucy chimes in and suggests Sam be Rafe’s guardian.  

AJ decides Michael is right, and they should make their own relish to beat Tracy at her own game.  Shawn offers to let them use the kitchen.  Brenda walks into Kelly’s.