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INTERVIEW: General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms on Maxie’s Two Dads and Two Lulus


The celebration of General Hospital’s first 50, glorious years gave me the opportunity to have a little chat with scene stealer Kirsten Storms (Maxie).  At the recent Paley Center event, Storms and I chatted about her exiting pal Julie Marie Berman (ex-Lulu), returning friend Kristen Alderson (formerly Starr; soon-to-be a new character) and Maxie’s two dads, Frisco (Jack Wagner) and Mac (John J. York). 

Storms also reveals if she’s filmed with Emme Rylan, who recently started airing as Lulu, and shared some sage words Jane Elliot (Tracy) shared when Berman departed the role.

Daytime Confidential: I know you’re really good friends with Julie Marie Berman. Those final scenes the two of you had together were simply amazing.

Kirsten Storms:  It was so horrible.

DC: Now we have a new Lulu. Have you filmed with Emme Rylan yet?

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KS: I have, yes, a lot over the last few days especially and she’s a great girl.  I know she came from a couple of soaps, so I had mad respect for her when she started. Jane Elliot said it perfectly when I was talking to her about Julie leaving, it’s not that I miss her as Lulu; it’s just painful that she won’t be there for me at work.  My work life is around hanging out with her for the most part, getting into trouble, doing those sorts of things with Julie. 

DC: You are getting a girlfriend back at work.  Kristen Alderson is on her way back to General Hospital.

KS: Yes! Yes, thank God!I've kept in constant contact with Kristen. We’ve hung out a couple of times since she’s been gone.  I knew maybe a month or so ago that she was going to be coming back, so I was very excited.  I love that girl!

DC: Your scenes with Frisco and Mac were wonderful.

KS: Thank you. I love working with them. John York has a special place in my heart.He's one of the sweetest men, ever.

DC: Maxie's two dads, it's like you could almost do a whole storyline just on that.

KS: Yeah, My Two Dads, I remember that show! [Laughs]

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