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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucy believes Sam is the best candidate to become Rafe's foster parent. She points out Sam owes him for saving Danny.  Alexis feels Sam has been through a lot over the past year, and taking Rafe in might be too much. She knows they’ll find another foster home for Rafe.  Sam disagrees with her mother, and thinks becoming Rafe's foster parent isn't such a bad idea at all.

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Olivia’s upset Connie dumped Sonny, especially since he stood by her.  Connie loves Sonny, but believes they have a dysfunctional relationship, which will undermine her recovery. Connie is trying to rebuild her life, and knows her personalities will try to battle for control.  She believes Sonny was the catalyst that splintered her in the first place, and she has to let him go.  Olivia finally understands, and offers her support. 

Carly doesn’t understand why Sonny isn’t infuriated Brenda took advantage of Michael.  She feels Michael trusted Brenda, who exploited Michael only to pay back Carly for telling Jax the truth. Carly wants Sonny to make Brenda disappear, but he knows Michael would feel guilty.   

AJ and Brenda hug, and are happy to see each other after all these years.  AJ tells her not to feel bad about what happened with Michael, since they are both consenting, single adults.  After AJ leaves, Michael informs Brenda he told Sonny the truth, because he owed it to him.  Brenda wishes he hadn’t and blames it all on Carly.  

Liz is annoyed with Nik for defying doctor’s orders, and being out of bed.  Nik’s tired of being stuck in bed, but agrees to sit in a chair.  Liz tells him that Dante and the Spencer’s are on their way back with Lulu.  AJ walks in, as Liz and Nik hug. 

Nik spots AJ and the two reluctantly greet each other. Liz gets called away, and AJ warns Nik to stay away from Liz. He doesn't think Liz needs to be reminded of Nikolas and the complicated history they share right now. Nikolas points out AJ’s many faults, and he doesn't believe AJ is best for Liz.  Liz returns, and feels the tension in the room. She wonders what’s going on between the two men.  

Alexis warns Sam not to feel pressured into this decision, but Sam admits the house feels empty without Jason. She honestly believes it’s something Jason would have done.  Sam feels she has the space and money to support Rafe.  She’s willing to try.   

Sonny tells Carly about Connie, and then how he thought Brenda was out of his life. He doesn’t understand why she did what she did.  Carly says Brenda would rather have Sonny hate her, than ignore her. She knows Brenda will keep using Michael.  

Alexis talks to the judge, who agrees to allow Rafe to stay with Sam for 90-day grace period. Everyone celebrates, and Sam takes Rafe home with her. 

Michael tells Brenda he feels something is broken now between him and Sonny, all because he made a bad decision that can’t be changed.  Brenda suggests maybe they can change it. She admits she has a confession to make.