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INTERVIEW: General Hospital's Tyler Christopher on The Buckeyes, Cartini, The Lying Game and Reclaiming Liz From AJ


The Prince was present and what a gentleman he was!  Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) took a royal pause and spoke with me at the Paley Center’s "General Hospital: Celebrating 50 Years and Looking Forward" event.

Christopher and I chatted about our beloved Buckeyes, his ABC Family series The Lying Game, General Hospital's resurgence and what's next for Nikolas, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and AJ (Sean Kanan)

Daytime Confidential: We have one thing in common that I have to mention, we're both huge Ohio State fans.

Tyler Christopher: Oh man, that game was a bummer. That was a huge bummer, that day was not a good day for me.

DC: I also have to mention that I love you on ABC Family’s The Lying Game. It’s become a new favorite of mine.

TC: Thank you. It’s quite a few people’s guilty pleasure


DC: Has there been any word on a pick up yet?

TC: We anticipate one. We haven’t gotten the official word, but they’re just working out a bunch of semantics and things of that nature before we gear up to go back to Austin.

DC: Will you be able to stay on General Hospital while at The Lying Game?

TC: That's what we're trying to do. Yeah, that’s the plan, the goal.

DC: You must love being back at GH and the resurgence of the Cassadine – Spencer war?

TC: I love it. I didn’t know how I was going to feel coming back and it’s better than expected.

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DC: How is it working under new head writer Ron Carlivati and executive producer Frank Valentini?

TC: It’s great. I think it’s what General Hospital needed. Not that there was anything wrong before, it’s just something that’s been around for as long as it has been, sometimes just a fresh start is all you really need to keep morale up.  It’s clearly reflecting in the audience, in our ratings and people are loving that we’re getting back to our roots, especially around this time, the 50th anniversary. You’re seeing all the old faces back and I think that’s what they’ve been yearning for.

DC: Is Nikolas getting out of that hospital bed anytime soon?

TC: Yes! Very soon, next week.

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DC: What’s coming up for Nikolas and Elizabeth?


TC: I think the goal for Nikolas is to reclaim his prize from A.J.

DC: This is going to be a nice triangle.  The three of you are going to play very nicely off each other.

TC: We did some pretty cool stuff that is coming up.

DC: We can’t wait to see it!

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