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SHOCKER: Prospect Park SUES ABC For $25 Million Over All My Children/One Life to Live Reboots!

The Hatfields and the McCoys don't have hot shiznit on ABC and Prospect Park. Deadline is reporting PP has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against ABC to the tune of $25 million. At issue? You guessed it, how One Life to Live characters were used on General Hospital!

According the article, All My Children and One Life to Live will relaunch as planned on April 29, as PP gears up to duke out their grievances with ABC in court. Among PP's reported claims concerning GH's use of OLTL characters are that, “for over a year, ABC outright failed and refused to consult with Prospect on any storylines involving these characters, rendering Prospect’s approval rights meaningless.”


The Deadline article also mentions PP isn't happy GH decided to kill off two OLTL characters (Cole and Hope?) and revealed a OLTL character was actually a GH character (Alcazar/Tomas?).

With GH on a creative upswing—post its 50th anniversary—and AMC and OLTL set to return in 11 days, this latest, behind-the-scenes soap opera twist couldn't come at a worse time for the rejuvenated genre. Here's hoping both sides comes to an agreement before it hurts any of the three serials in question.

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