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Whoopi Goldberg on The View’s Co-Host Drama: “I Don’t Give a F*ck"

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The hubbub over who will replace Joy Behar and possibly Elisabeth Hasselbeck when one or both leaves The View this year doesn’t seem to have phased fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg. When questioned about their departures by Us Weekly, she said she doesn’t care or “give a f-ck.”

"Let me tell you this about The View: I take a paycheck every other week. That's all I do. I could give a sh-t what comes. I do my job -- I have a contract. That's where I stand. I don't give a f-ck," Goldberg said.

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She continued,

Goldberg added that she's not involved in any casting decisions. "I don't care. That's not my job," she explained. "My job is to show up and be cute by 11 o'clock and get the f-ck off that show by 12. And that's what I try to do."