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INTERVIEW: Kimberly McCullough Talks #GH50, ABC Directing Program and Her Desire to Return as Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake


As a huge part of General Hospital history, Kimberly McCullough (Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake) was on hand to celebrate the show’s past and help look into its future at the recent Paley Center event.  I was lucky enough to steal time with the very fun McCullough, who told me about the ABC Directing program, a GH alum she recently spent time with and of course I asked her about her adorable on-screen daughter Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma).

The General Hospital fan in McCullough is up-to-date on all the happenings in Port Charles , while the director in her had a tip for the Nurse’s Ball.  McCulloiugh also dished about the possibility of a Robin return.

Daytime Confidential: Just a little bit on your directing. I know you’re out there doing that, how’s it going?

Kimberly McCullough: It’s going really well. I just did my first episode of Shake it Up called "Halloween it Up".

DC:My nieces are going to be ecstatic when I tell them!

KM: Oh I was ecstatic! It was so fun and Zendaya is doing so great on Dancing with the Stars right now. So I did that and right now I’m an ABC Director Fellow, so I'm in the program and shadowing different shows.I'm actually going to shadow on Homeland in two weeks which I'm very excited about.

DC:You also got to work with Tyler Christopher on ABC Family’s The Lying Game, right?

KM: Yes, we’re waiting on a pick-up for that. I'm praying I get to direct that show, it would be great. So yeah, I'm just doing that and this is random, but I just

got back last night from shadowing Stephen Kay who was Reginald the Quartermaine butler on General Hospital.  He’s a really well known director now. 

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DC: Are we going to see Robin back anytime soon? Will it fit into the busy directing schedule?

KM: I would like to, put it that way.  It’s just a matter if Frank wants me back and if they can work with my schedule. We'll just have to see how it goes, but of

course I’d be open to it. I miss my family.

DC: I know you’re a big fan of the show regardless, have you been watching?

KM: I am! I watch it all the time.

DC: You have to tell us your thoughts on the Nurses Ball and of course Brooklyn Rae Silzer.

KM: She kills me, that kid! Kills me! I mean I cry all the time just because she’s just so cute and I’m so happy.  But, I love the Nurses Ball, I thought it was great. The one thing I thought is that there should be people, it looked a little sparse. See, I’m doing the directing thing. [Laughs]

DC: No, I remember back in the day there being a lot more people in the audience at the Nurses Ball.

KM: Yeah, there needs to be like 30 more people. Other than that, it was great.

DC: Congratulations on everything and good luck with all that’s coming up!

KM: Thank you, I really appreciate that.