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Pickle-Lila Invades The Chew on General Hospital!

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It looks like the enemy of Tracy’s enemy will soon be her friend. TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logan caught up with Jane Elliot who revealed Tracy and Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) go into business together to beat AJ (Sean Kanan). However, that’s not the only twist! The war over Tracy and AJ’s different Pickle-Lila recipes will land them on The Chew in an epic “Clash of the Condiments.”

Do Tracy's plans go off without a hitch? Hardly. "Nikolas gets cold feet about sabotaging A.J. and he traps Tracy in her hotel with two beefy bodyguards to keep her away from The Chew," Elliot says. "Tracy miraculously gets away and bursts into the studio while A.J. is being interviewed, much to his chagrin." Adds the actress: "Frank will kill me if I say anything more. Let's put it this way: This is the denouement of the relish storyline and things are going to take a very interesting turn."

The “Clash of the Condiments” will take place on General Hospital on May 13 and 14. Read the entire preview at

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