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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brenda confesses to Michael they never had sex. She was lying about them to get back at Carly. Brenda felt Carly blew everything out of proportion, and now Brenda has lost Jax and everything else that matters to her. She blames Carly for trashing her life.

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Brenda explains she found a drunken Michael after the Nurse’s Ball, and took him to her room to sober him up.  Michael ended up naked in her bed, so Brenda spent the night on the couch.  The next morning, she decided she wanted Carly to walk in on them. She ordered food for two and had them charge it to Carly. Then, Brenda crawled into bed beside Michael, and waited for Carly to show up.  Michael is upset Brenda used him.  Brenda apologizes for using Michael, and swears she would never want to hurt his relationship with Sonny.  

The Spencer’s and Dante are flying back to Port Charles.  Luke wants to get Lulu to the hospital to have her checked out.  Laura doesn’t want Lulu to feel pressured.  Dante tries again to get Lulu to remember her true past. He brings up their life, and baby. Lulu freaks out at the mention of the baby. Laura switches seats with Dante, and promises Lulu everything will be all right.   

Olivia and Sonny are waiting at the airport.  Olivia still doesn’t understand Connie’s decision.  Sonny admits something else is bothering him, and tells Olivia about Michael and Brenda sleeping together.  Olivia wonders if Sonny plans on killing Brenda, but Sonny’s concerned about Michael.  

Spin’s babysitting Danny, when Ellie shows up and asks for help in figuring out Maxie’s baby secret.  Spinelli doesn’t understand her need to pry, but Ellie thinks Lulu and Dante have a right to know what’s going on.  Ellie decides the problem is with the baby. She concludes Maxie is afraid to tell Lante the truth.  

Connie asks to meet with Maxie, who’s worried about their get together since Connie/Kate hasn't treated her well in the past.  Connie reassures her that she’s been integrated, and is a whole person.  Connie offers Maxie a job, since Maxie has a good eye and ideas.  Maxie agrees, and Connie brings up the issue of the baby. She promises to give Maxie maternity leave, but wonders if Maxie will end up wanting to stay home. Maxie tells Connie she’s only Lante’s surrogate.  Connie promises not to be as nasty as she was before, so Maxie agrees to work for her.  

Carly runs into AJ, and tells him she’s trying to find Brenda. She wants to run her out of town.  AJ informs her Michael and Brenda are together, but refuses to tell Carly their whereabouts. Carly grabs a pair of scissors, and advises AJ to tell her.  AJ gives in and confesses Michael and Brenda are at Kelly’s. Carly heads over there, but discovers Brenda has already left.   

Olivia and Sonny are thrilled to see Lante arrive. When Olivia tries to hug Lulu, Lulu freaks out.  Luke and Dante explain Lulu’s been traumatized, and has no memories. Olivia is certain some kind treatment will reverse it, and Luke mentions they will take Lulu to the hospital.  

Laura tries to comfort Lulu, who understands they all want her to be their loved one. However, she doesn’t know who Lulu is, and feels lost.  Laura gives Lulu a hug.  Dante offers to take Lulu to the hospital, but Laura tells him she will do it.  

Maxie comes home, and overhears Spin and Ellie talking about a baby. She becomes angry, but Ellie covers and says they were discussing Daniel.   

Brenda runs into Sonny at the airport.