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Vargas Likes to Lick Nicole's Whipped Cream on Days of Our Lives

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Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Vargas (Sean Douglas) did a bit more flirting in the church office while eating some lip smacking fried chicken. For dessert, they had a cream filled doughnut, which Vargas topped with whip cream that he intentionally got on Nicole’s fingers so he could lick them off. The pair started making out on Nicole’s desk and all I have to say about Nicole and Vargas is, Eric (Greg Vaughan) who?

Brady (Eric Martsolf) questioned Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) about the baseball jersey. Maggie suggested that maybe John (Drake Hogestyn) was trying to get Kristen (Eileen Davidson) to remember better times and the woman that used to love him. Of course Brady, the idiot that he is, saw it as an affront to his relationship with Kristen and went off to confront his father.

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Meanwhile, Kristen scrambled to hunt down the incriminating photos. Her hunt resulted in her digging through a trash dumpster while wondering what she’d been reduced to. I wondered the same thing.

Abe (James Reynolds) bumped into Cameron (Nathan Owens) at the hospital and pressed his brother-in-law about spending more time with Theo. Cameron didn’t like Abe nosing into his business and told him that he wasn’t family, Theo was.

Maggie confronted John about his intent for Brady. She told him she was worried that what he was doing would compromise Brady’s sobriety. He politely, but bluntly told her it was none of her business.