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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu wakes up in Milo’s bed, having spent the night in it after running into him at the bar.  The night before, at the bar, Lulu explained to Milo about her lack of memories. She shared how everyone was looking for her, but she needed to get away.  Lulu removed her engagement ring and tossed it in the bowl of peanuts.  Then, since she was going to take off on her own, Milo offered to let her stay at his place. 

Milo tells her that she can’t hide out at his place forever and Dante must be worried.  Lulu realizes her ring is missing and after looking around, decides she left it at the bar.  Lulu is upset because the ring symbolizes Dante’s love for his wife, but doesn’t want to go back to the bar in case someone spots her.  Milo agrees to go in her place. 

Dante’s on the phone, trying to find Lulu.  Maxie arrives, wanting a reunion with Lulu. Dante tells her what’s happened and that Lulu took off again.

Maxie offers to help, but Dante tells her to simply take care of the baby and talks to Maxie’s belly.  Maxie tells him that Lulu loves him and will remember.  

Spin tells Ellie that he’ll be gone for a few days, looking for Lauren Frank.  Ellie talks about Maxie’s baby and feels there’s something wrong with it. Ellie wants to confront Maxie but Spin tells her to wait until he’s back.   

AJ and Michael are cooking relish in Kelly’s kitchen and realize there is an ingredient missing.  Shawn mentions a spice he used to have overseas, but that it would be expensive to get it.  AJ’s willing to cut him in on the profits if he can get the ingredient for them. 

Tracy stops by to see Mac and offers him an exclusive deal on her relish.  Mac is excited, until she pulls out the jar and reveals it’s Pickle-Tracy.  Mac explains that the success of Pickle-Lila was more about Lila’s grandmotherly face on the jar and isn’t interested in the new relish.  

Tracy heads back to Kelly’s to talk to Shawn. However, AJ tells her that Shawn’s now working with them.  Tracy wonders who she can get money from and spots an article about Nikolas. She heads to the hospital.  

Felicia accidentally finds an engagement ring in the bowl of peanuts and thinks that it came from Mac, that he bought it for her.  Felicia’s excited until Mac tells her it’s not his ring.  Felicia wonders whose ring it is as Maxie walks in and recognizes it to be Lulu’s.  

Liz finds Nikolas trying to leave the hospital again, against medical orders.  He wants to help find Lulu, but she tells him the Spencers and Dante are on the job.  Nik makes a comment about AJ. He then explains that AJ told him to stay away from Liz.  Liz is angry at AJ’s audacity and declares that he can’t police her life.  

Tracy arrives in time to hear Liz’s anger and steers Liz to AJ at Kelly’s.  Tracy tells Nikolas that she has a proposition for him.  

Dante gets to The Floating Rib and Felicia explains how she came to find the ring.  Dante doesn’t understand why Lulu would leave the ring behind.  Mac calls the bartender, who tells him that Lulu was there, but left with a man.  Milo arrives as Dante gets angry about who Lulu left with.  

AJ’s happy to see Liz until she yells at him that he can’t police her friends.  

Lulu does an internet search on herself as someone knocks on the door.

When a doctor leaves the records file open on the computer, Ellie decides to look up Maxie’s file.  

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