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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brenda tells Sonny she’s heading back to Rome, and then admits she lied about sleeping with Michael. She set the whole thing up to get payback on Carly.  Brenda declares she will always love Sonny. Then, she asks about Kate.  Sonny informs Brenda he and Kate are done.  Brenda thinks it’s a sign they bumped into each other, and this is their chance to be together.  She asks Sonny to move to Rome with her, and leave the mob and Carly behind.  She believes they can be happy together.   Sonny knows it wouldn’t work, because they're both on the rebound and need time to heal.  The two kiss before she leaves.     

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The Spencer group arrives at the hospital to have Patrick examine Lulu. They explain her current condition to the good doctor. Patrick tells Lulu they are friends, and offers to run some tests. Lulu agrees to the procedures.  Dante insists on going with them, but Lulu shuts him down by saying she doesn’t remember him. Patrick warns Dante to back off.  

Scotty tells Nikolas about his engagement to Laura, but he’s upset Laura turned to Luke. Nik has never understood his mother’s love for Luke, but admits they coexist for Laura’s sake.  Nikolas tells Scotty the way to his mother’s heart is to stick around and not give up.  

Sabrina apologizes to Milo for hurting him, and assures the hunk he’ll find someone worthy of him.  Connie and Milo run into each other, and she updates him on everything. Milo explains how things didn’t work out for him either, and it all started with Lulu.  He doesn’t understand why he’s always interested in the woman who isn’t available. Connie assures him there’s someone out there for him, and he’ll meet her soon.  

Michael explains to Carly he and Brenda didn’t sleep together.  Carly’s still angry with Brenda, and heads off to find her.

Luke warns Dante that if he keeps pushing, he may lose Lulu for good.  Laura’s worried the effects will be permanent, but Luke assures her Lulu will get better.  At that moment, Scotty spots them together. 

Laura explains to Scotty about Lulu’s condition, and thanks him for staying with Nikolas.  When Laura heads off to see Nik, Scotty warns Luke to keep his hands off of Laura.  Luke claims he and Laura slept together, but then admits the truth. Scotty wonders if Luke wanted more, but Luke tells him they aren’t a triangle.     

Laura informs Nikolas both Helena and Stavros are dead, and she killed Stavros.  Nikolas can’t believe so many Cassadine’s are gone, and he and Alexis are the last of his family. Laura reminds him he has her, Lulu and Lucky.  Laura explains how she thought Lulu was dead, and killed Stavros. She chose to end his life, and will have to live with it.  

Sabrina tells Felix that Britt will be getting an abortion.  Felix tells her to take control of her future, so Sabrina heads to the hospital to ask Patrick on a date.   

Patrick checks out Lulu, who remembers everything in the world, but her personal life. Patrick is sure her memory loss is temporary. Suddenly, Dante storms in the room and vows to do anything for her. He wants Lulu to look into his eyes, and see the truth.  Lulu declares she doesn’t know him.  Patrick pulls Dante away again, and tells him to give Lulu space. 

Patrick tells the group he’ll keep Lulu overnight for observation, and Scotty decides they need to all pull together for Lulu.  Luke tells Dante to let Laura deal with Lulu.  Laura goes in Lulu’s room, and discovers she has taken off.

Lulu shows up at The Floating Rib, and sees Milo.

Carly arrives at the airport after Brenda has already left.  She tells Sonny that Michael never slept with Brenda.