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Sharon and Adam Make Each Other Feel Good on The Young and the Restless

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Sharon (Sharon Case) arrived at Adam’s (Michael Muhney) door to lend support to her friend. Adam kissed her, but they soon pulled apart. He later explained she made him feel good. She told Adam he makes her feel good, too. However, before anything more could happen, Sharon got an urgent text reminding her that she forgot to pick up her daughter. Adam sure has a way of distracting Sharon from her children, doesn’t he?

Arriving at home, Sharon found Nick (Joshua Morrow) waiting for her. He quickly went after his ex-wife for her relationship with Adam.

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Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Jack (Peter Bergman) returned from Istanbul, and promptly started talking about his plans for her moving into the Abbott mansion. Just when Jack thought things were perfect, his dear old dead daddy, John Abbot (Jerry Douglas), materialized in a chair and gave him a fatherly lecture. John told Jack that Phyllis was the woman he loved the most, but also hurt him the most. 

I am so happy Jack and Phyllis are back together.

Dylan (Steve Burton) told Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) he wasn’t the type of guy to walk away. After Dylan left, Adam showed up with a gift for their baby and reminded her of the loss of their first child.

Avery (Jessica Collins) dropped by Phyllis’ home to tell her sister the big news about her engagement to Nick. As expected, Phyllis was PISSED, and went for the emotional jugular.

The episode ended with Sharon returning to Adam’s house to have sex.