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SPOILERS: Is Morgan Corinthos in Danger on General Hospital?


Britch wins again… sort of.  It looks like Patrick will be with Britt when she goes to end her pregnancy, but will the devilish doc actually go through with it? Will Patrick let her?  The call to go to the clinic takes Patrick away from his date with Sabrina. With Sabrina and Felix determined to prove that baby isn’t Patrick’s, my money is on that abortion not happening.  Also, overheard at the recent Paley Center event, Patrick’s portrayer Jason Thompson might just want that baby to be Patrick’s.  Does Emma want a sibling?  She stuns Felix when she brings up her soon-to-be brother or sister.

Ring, ring, ring … Johnny is calling Carly from the clink!  Is this Days of Our Lives or General HospitalBrandon Barash’s exit was announced so long ago, I forgot we never actually saw his exit. Will Carly accept the call? Connie is paying her ex-hubby–are they still married, I forget–a visit, and Johnny is eager to get a message to Carly. Will Connie pass it along? 

Olivia and Sonny???  Did you vote in our poll?  I am all for Olivia and Sonny being the next big thing, now let’s get the writers on board.  Maybe they are as the two are having dinner together. 

Carly is a mess… and I love it! Brenda had her in a tizzy, she spies Olivia and Sonny breaking bread and of course there’s AJ nearby to push her buttons.  I love it when AJ and Carly go toe to toe! Will AJ have to answer to Elizabeth as well?  Apparently Nikolas tells her about his chat with the ELQ CEO and AJ’s woes don’t end there.  Sonny should be next in line to duke it out with AJ.

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Nikolas, Elizabeth and AJ… I’ll admit it, at first I was a little weary of the Nikolas and Elizabeth redux, but throw AJ in there and I’m all for it! A soapy triangle is all it takes to sway me.  Nikolas is putting it out there and is he the one answering Elizabeth’s phone when AJ calls? Will this “missed call” send AJ to a bar or into someone else’s arms and lips?  Don’t count AJ just yet; he has a proposition for Elizabeth. 

Does everyone love all the screen time Milo is getting?  He’s hiding Lulu from all the pressure she’s getting from her family to remember.  Could the hiding out actually cause her more stress?  Will Max look for his boss’ daughter-in-law?  The pressure may just drive Lulu further away from being the Lulu they once knew.

What about Maxie?  She’s not happy with Ellie, that’s for sure as she tattles to Spinelli that his girlfriend is being bad as little Miss Ellie finds her way into Maxie’s medical records. Also, Lulu will be with Maxie on one of her visits to the doctor.

Speaking of Spinelli… Did he find the missing Quartermiane heir?  Does Luke have news for Tracy on this same topic?

Morgan Corinthos… He’s back and in danger apparently. That message Johnny needs to get to his former flame is about her youngest son.   A mob threat, perhaps?  Is this something Sonny can handle?  Sonny needs to talk to Carly, NOW, and she’s too busy with AJ.  How will Carly feel when she finds out she missed a very important call from Sonny?

Will Morgan fit into the Teen Scene?  I hope so! Although, Molly has her hands full with TJ and Rafe.  TJ is planning a romantic night and Rafe apparently is planting a wet one on the youngest Davis lady.

RANDOM STUFF… Anna and Duke have a date. Does Britt catch Ellie? It’s Prom time in Port Charles.

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