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Who Is The Mole on ABC's Scandal?

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Scandal, arguably the hottest show on television right now, has me on the edge of my seat. From the torrid yet heartfelt love affair between President Fitzgerald Grant III (Tony Goldwyn) and Washington DC’s Top Fixer Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) to the craziness that walks into Olivia Pope and Associates, this show has everything. Currently, a mole is leaking information out of The White House and posing a serious threat to the United States Government. However, who’s the culprit? On a show with such dastardly grey characters as Scandal, it could be anyone. Here’s a list and breakdown of my top suspects.


Cyrus Rutherford Beene

Motive: “I wasn’t made to be Chief of Staff! Do you know what I was made to be? I was made to be the President of the United States.” Episode 2X13 Nobody Likes Babies.

Is Cyrus Beene’s (Jeff Perry) ultimate desire to become President enough for him to sabotage his dear friend Fitz’s administration for his own benefit? While I hope this isn’t the case, there is a definite possibility it could be. Cyrus is willing to do any and everything to ensure things go his way. I mean this is the same man who was literally seconds away from having the love of his life assassinated, because he was going to expose the election rigging. Cyrus’ love for James (Dan Bucatinsky) prevailed in the end, but it still didn’t stop him from at least putting a plan in motion to silence James. Power and love - to an extent - seem to be Cyrus’ weaknesses.

With James currently giving Cyrus the ultimate cold shoulder, it would be extremely plausible for him to attempt to augment his power by making a play for the office of president by sabotaging Fitz. Cyrus clearly has the means to leak the information, but would he able to go through with it?


Mellie Grant

Motive: “He exists because I say he exists.” Episode 2X11 A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot, and A Liar

Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) had no problem putting her unborn child in danger to ensure Fitz would stay with her, and keep her position in The White House. Needless to say, Mellie will go to hell and back to keep Fitz and The White House in her clutches. Her need to stay in power trumps everything in life. However, what if Mellie began to think a bit differently to keep her power position. Why keep the man for power, when you can deliberately destroy him, and then keep the power for yourself? She could leak important information out of the White House, and then expose Fitz and Liv’s relationship. Who wouldn’t feel sorry for the new mother whose high-powered husband left her for another woman? In this instance, Mellie could keep her level of power and build on it. After all, “America loves a second act”.


Sally Langston

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Motive: “I am in this for me now!” Episode 2X08 Happy Birthday Mr. President

While Sally Langston (Kate Burton) may be a religious Southern woman, she’s also a ruthless politician. She never really wanted to be on the bill with Fitz, but knew he was her ticket into The White House if she ever wanted to become president herself. Ever since Cyrus and crew tanked her Supreme Court nominee early in Fitz’s term, Sally has been out for herself. She tried to go toe to toe with Fitz during the Billy Chambers debacle, but Fitz shut her down when he implied he would out her teenage daughter’s abortion. Could Sally's answer for revenge be to set up Fitz’s term for failure by trickling out important White House secrets?  What better way to become president, than to destroy the current one by leaking information out of The White House?

Remember, when Fitz was shot; Sally became very acquainted with Hollis Doyle. Why would she do this? Hollis was part of Fitz’s campaign trail because of Big Jerry, not Sally. Are they still friends? 

I also wonder if Sally knows about Olivia and Fitz’s relationship. She forced Olivia to plan Fitz’s funeral. Why? Could it be possible she’s seen one of those Oval Office recordings? Lastly, Sally knows exactly what Huck (Guillermo Diaz) is capable of. Remember she read the summary on pages 4 and 5 of Huck’s dossier. It would be smart of her to have both Huck and Olivia taken out before going for the jugular of the Grant Administration.


Hollis Doyle

Motive: “In a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, and that’s all life ever really is, you never want to tip your hand.” Episode: 2X10 One for the Dog

Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry) represents the villain to the characters and audience of Scandal. He’s rigged an election, blew up a building intentionally killing seven people, and slew of other crimes. The man doesn’t seem to have much of a conscience; so leaking government secrets would be child’s play for him. I’ve often wondered exactly what Hollis’ motive was in rigging the election. Why did he truly want Fitz in office, especially when they don’t seem to have a close relationship. Hollis was Big Jerry’s friend, but big daddy’s long been dead. Why would he continue to help Fitz and company when he really doesn’t seem to like any of them?

Hollis was also very friendly with Sally Langston during her short stint as President. The man is playing both sides of the fence. He seems to have Olivia off his back after the fiasco with his daughter. Hollis has the money and knowledge to leak the information, and come out clean on the other side. It’d be a win-win situation for Washington D.C.’s resident Snake in the Grass.


Captain Jake Ballard

Motive: “Olivia Pope knows Osborne wasn’t the mole.” Episode 2X18 Molly, You In Danger, Girl

Judging from the two televisions of 24-hour surveillance on Olivia’s apartment, it’s safe to say Captain Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) is mentally unstable. The guy has been on the show for 5 episodes and is already responsible for a death, or maybe two if that photographer he beat up didn’t make it. My major question concerning Jake is whose side he’s on. Is he a good guy or a bad one?

Jake is a master of ulterior motives. He’s supposed to be monitoring Olivia for his old buddy Fitz, but in reality, he wants to date her. However, Jake holds weekly meetings with Joe Morton’s nameless character where he always seems to have it out for Olivia. He’s also stolen top-secret information from her apartment for his own benefit. It would be so easy for him to leak the White House’s secrets; it’s not even funny.

It’s also important to point out that Jake works in Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has to know Edison Davis by way of their Intelligence Community connection. What an important connection between two characters that have loved the same woman.

Speaking of Olivia again, Jake clearly knows about Fitz and Olivia after seeing them in the hospital room. Jake seems to be the man who has the lowdown on just about everyone, which can only mean one thing; trouble.


Edison Davis

Motive: “You forget how well I know you. You, this angry…You have something to hide” Episode 2X11 A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot and A Liar

Senator Edison Davis (Norm Lewis) is in love with Olivia Pope, and has been for years. However, he’s got a big problem; she doesn’t feel the same way. The man asked Liv to marry him twice, and she turned him down both times. There’s something about rejection that changes people. He also accused her of having an affair with The President of the United States. He remains the sole Scandal character to outright ask Olivia about her affair with Fitz. I think that’s extremely significant.

Fitz and Edison don’t have the best relationship. They’re on opposite sides of the political fence, and Edison suspects the President has hooked up with his former flame. Not to mention, Edison is deep into the Senate Intelligence Community. There is no doubt in my mind he knows Jake, so it’s plausible Jake is working for Edison. Everyone always goes on and on about a woman scorned, but a man scorned is just as lethal. In my opinion, he has more than enough reason to want to bring down both Olivia and Fitz.

He’s also my personal prediction for the mole. We haven’t seen him in a while, and he left on a sour note. It’s has to be him…or is it? Sound off in the comments on your predictions.

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