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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Liz is angry with AJ for his chat with Nik about her. She was spending time with Nik, because he nearly died and his sister was missing. Liz accuses AJ of treating her like property.  AJ begs for a chance to explain, and admits he overreacted. However, he points out he’s caught them with their hands on each other several times. Liz informs AJ she was comforting Nik, and asks if AJ trusts her.  AJ mentions how she slept with Nik behind Lucky’s back. 

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Liz yells she trusted AJ, and confided in him. She's upset he threw it back in her face, and accuses him of judging her.  AJ swears Liz is important to him, and he doesn’t want them to end. He honestly thinks there’s something good going on between them.  Liz says there’s nothing between them anymore.  AJ knows he was out of line, but claims he hasn’t tried to date a woman in a long time. He wanted to make sure he had a shot with her.  Liz informs him it doesn’t matter what he said to Nik, but it does matter what he said to her.  She’s angry because she thought he had changed, but he hasn’t.  

Tracy tells Nikolas she needs capital to start her own business, since she’s no longer CEO of ELQ. She asks if he wants to buy in.  Nik isn’t interested, since he’s worried about Lulu. Nik updates Tracy on Lulu's current condition.  Tracy’s worried for Lulu, and Nikolas understands her love for his sister.  Tracy ultimately believes Lulu will be fine. 

Tracy switches topics back to the relish, and admits she wants to beat AJ, which piques Nik’s interest.  She asks if he wants to partner with her, and swears they’ll turn a profit.  Nikolas agrees to work with her, but tells her they need to change the name of the relish.  

Dante explains to Milo about some guy taking advantage of Lulu, and running off with her.  Milo doesn’t tell any of them the truth, and agrees to help Dante find her. Felicia warns Mac not to tell Anna that Dante turned to Sonny’s men for help.

Max lets himself into Milo’s apartment, and Lulu hits him with a blender.  Max thinks Milo slept with Lulu, and is angry with his brother.  Lulu tells him nothing happened, and explains her loss of memory.  Max doesn’t understand why no one has called Dante, but Lulu confesses she just needed to get away. 

Britt calls Patrick to tell him that her appointment is today.  Patrick offers to go with her, but she feels it’s best if she goes alone.  Sabrina arrives, and wonders about Patrick’s feelings towards the abortion. Before he can answer, Felix arrives for last minute babysitting instructions.   

Emma asks about the baby, and Felix distracts her.  Sabrina tells Patrick he will have to tell Emma about the abortion, and wonders how Patrick feels about it.  He admits he doesn’t know how he feels, because it’s all happening so fast.  She offers to cancel their date tonight, but Patrick wants to be with her.  When Emma returns, she asks again about the baby. Patrick breaks it to her there won’t be a baby. 

Britt catches Ellie about to look through Maxie’s medical records.  Ellie accuses her of hiding what’s wrong with the baby, and rattles off her theory about the baby being sick. She believes neither Britt nor Maxie want to tell Lante.  Britt informs her the baby is perfectly healthy, and threatens to tell Monica.  Ellie knows Britt is hiding something from the parents.  Britt wonders why this is all so important to her. She speculates it's because of Spinelli’s love for Maxie. Britt wonders if it were anyone but Maxie, would Ellie be pursuing it? 

Britt calls Maxie, and tells her she caught Ellie trying to look into her medical records. She wants Maxie needs to deal it.  Maxie leaves the bar, but not before reminding Dante that Lulu can take care of herself. She suggests maybe Lulu left with someone who knew her.  

Milo gets back to the apartment, and he and Max argue about the situation.  Milo tells Lulu both Dante and Maxie are scared, and she needs to call Dante.  Lulu wants more time to look at picture of herself to see if it will jog her memory. However, Max tells her he’ll call Dante if she doesn’t.  

Lulu calls Dante, and tells him that she’s okay. However, she’s not ready to come home and hangs up.

Tracy finds AJ, and tells him Nikolas is her new partner. 

Liz informs Nikolas she and AJ are over.

Maxie finds Ellie, and calls her a sneaky little bitch.

Britt shows up at Patrick's, and tells him she can’t go through the abortion.