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Olivia and Fitz Rekindle Their Passion, While Huck's Backstory is Revealed on ABC's Scandal

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A lot happened on Scandalthis week, and yet, a lot didn’t.  This episode was mostly filler, but it did feature some instant “classic” Olitz scenes.  It’d been a while for the star-crossed pair!

With Olivia (Kerry Washington) still in the hospital after her fracas with Jake, Fitz (TonyGoldwyn) sat vigil. Due to his status as President of the United States, the Secret Service had to practically shut down the hospital to accommodate him.  


The lovers finally had the conversation they should’ve had months ago.  Essentially, Fitz felt betrayed over Defiance, and Liv felt betrayed for what he did to her after.  She also confronted him about having her monitored.  Fitz apologized, pledged his love and forced Olivia to admit she still loved him.  She couldn’t trust or forgive him though. 

Then, Fitz started in on one of those speeches he’s so good at, which always makes Liv melt and forgo her better judgment.  He was nothing without her, and they were meant to be together.  As his monologue went on, their song started playing (and I fangirled in front of my TV!).  Liv turned, ran into Fitz’s arms and they passionately kissed. However, Liv abruptly stopped the kiss. She uttered, “I can’t” to Fitz, and fled. 

This moment made my Olitz-shipper heart very happy, but I’m glad Olivia didn’t forgive him (though I’m sure it won’t last).  What Fitz did to her was so horrible.  He needs to really make an effort to earn back her trust.  However, I could have done without the shades of “Rapey Frat Boy” creeping in again to Fitz’s character.  This happened when Fitz went from “asking” Liv for another chance, to forcefully “demanding” it.  POTUS needs some therapy.


Cyrus (Jeff Perry) was formally introduced to Jake (Scott Foley), the man who “rescued” Liv.  The pit bull in a suit then tasked Charlie with finding out everything about Jake's connection to Olivia Pope. 

During Season 1, it was hinted Stephen had some inkling about what was really up between Liv and the president.  With Stephen’s departure, that sentiment seemed to have been transferred over to Harrison.  He mentioned to Liv he couldn’t get in to visit her at the hospital because he was blocked by the Secret Service. However, he told her  “It’s none of my business,” before Liv could explain/think up an excuse.  Also blocked from getting near Olivia was Charlie, but that was probably a good thing!

Jake returned to his boss, played by Joe Morton (who STILL doesn’t have a character name), and told him he wanted off the case because of a conflict of interest.  He let his boss think this was due to his friendship with the president, but of course it was really about the fact he’d been dating Olivia.  Either way, the mysterious HBIC (Head Boss In Charge) scoffed, and said, “There’s no such thing as out.”

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In the present, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) has suffered a nervous breakdown after getting locked in the chest by Charlie.  He wouldn’t talk to anybody at Olivia Pope and Associates.  He only kept chanting “Seven Fifty-Two” over and over.  A flashback fourteen years ago showed PFC Huck getting recruited to the CIA right out of Kosovo.  Part of the attraction of him becoming a killer for them was his being an orphan with no family, in addition to his aptitude. 

Charlie was his mentor, and he taught Huck how to kidnap, torture, and kill American citizens to secure vital intel.  Huck seemed to enjoy it too much, and often took the watches of his victims as trophies. 

Huck had a secret girlfriend though, and when she got pregnant, he proposed.  Charlie found out and threatened to kill her and baby Javi, if Huck didn’t leave them.  Instead, Huck planned for the three of them to disappear, but the CIA grabbed him before they could escape. The CIA locked him in a small cell underground for months until he was brainwashed into believing he didn’t have a family.  Joe Morton’s character was also revealed to be Huck and Charlie’s boss back in the day.

Huck was released, but didn’t have what it took to kill anymore.  Charlie let him “go off the grid” instead of killing him, and Huck had to give up everything about his old life.  Years later, in the same subway station where Olivia first approached a homeless Huck, Huck saw his ex-wife and little boy getting off a train.  Javi even put a dollar in his cup; at the exact same time the station clock read 7:52 a.m. 


Released from the hospital, Olivia rushed to Huck’s side.  She told him he had to come back, and counted Huck as her only family because they’ve both gone dark.  Huck finally stopped chanting and said, “I think I used to have a family, but I don’t remember if they were real or if I imagined them.”   Liv helped him realize they were real, and I guess now we know why Huck has that thing about stalking nice families!

I didn’t really care for Huck’s storyline.  I don’t think the acting or writing are as good is the show wants viewers to believe.  However, I appreciate the fact they’ve actually taken the time to try and develop his character.  He’s the only member of OPA to really reap this benefit.  Still, there’s not much there, and I feel like they were trying too hard with this ep. to really make you care about Huck.  It felt forced. 

Meanwhile, Season 2 is nearly over and all you know about Harrison is that he had some trouble with insider trading once, and wears suits.  If you can’t/won’t write for a character, there’s no point in having them.  I wouldn’t mind them “Stephen-ing” the rest of Olivia Pope’s associates, and focusing more on the White House scandals.  Liv, Fitz, Cy, and Mellie’s where’s it at! 


Mellie (Bellamy Young) found out Fitz spent the night in Olivia’s hospital room and flipped.  When Fitz came home, she told him she was leaving him.  She’d quietly be moving across the street, and no one would have to know—if Fitz gave up Liv.  “I hope you make the right choice, I do. I hope you choose family because good luck getting reelected if I start talking,” she threatened.  If Fitz chose Liv, Mellie said she would conduct a press conference on the front lawn of the White House and reveal his affair! 

Then, she hit Fitz where it really hurts—his kids.  She told Fitz she was taking baby Teddy with her because “a baby needs his mother.”  This, from the same woman who induced his labor early to manipulate her husband.

I’m not sure how much of a bluff this was, especially since the last thing Mellie wants is a divorce.  She wants the White House for herself.  She may (rightfully) reason if she paints Fitz as the adulterous villain, she could still be POTUS one day, even as a divorcee. 

What did you guys think about “Seven Fifty-Two?”

Photo Credit: ABC