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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Duke surprises an overworked Anna with dinner.  She updates him on Lulu's current condition, and mentions being in a similar situation. She understands what Lulu's going through. The two discuss the fun they had at the Nurse’s Ball, and Duke blurts out he wants to build a future with her.  Anna still has concerns about her job as a police officer, and Duke's penchant for the wrong side of the law.  Before heading to the bedroom together, she warns Duke she’ll come after him if she catches him breaking the law. 

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Ellie apologizes to Maxie, who’s not interested in her apologies.  Maxie accuses Ellie of making something out of nothing, but Ellie insists she knows what she heard about the baby. Maxie is adamant she and Britt were talking about Britt’s baby, but Ellie doesn’t believe her.  Maxie tells her to mind her own business. 

Johnny calls Carly collect, but she refuses to accept the call.   Sabrina and Felix arrive for her date with Patrick.   Felix wants Carly to give Sabrina some pointers.  Carly and Sabrina talk about how much she likes Patrick, but she doesn’t want to blow it.  Carly says she’s the last person to give relationship advice, but then tells Sabrina to be honest and keep things in perspective.  Carly goes off to get Patrick and Sabrina a bottle of champagne.  

Britt tells Patrick she can’t go to the appointment by herself. Since she has no one else, she asks if he’ll go with her.  Patrick agrees, and mentions je has to cancel his date with Sabrina.  

Connie, tired of waiting for Maxie to show up for her first day of work, has hired a new assistant, who turns out to be rather incompetent.  Johnny calls Connie, and tells her that he needs to tell her something important in person.  

Maxie arrives at Crimson, several hours late, and is upset to see someone else doing her job.  Connie points out Maxie didn’t show up or bother to call.  Maxie explains about Lulu's disappearance, and begs to be given her job back.  Connie agrees to take Maxie back, and heads out to see Johnny.  Maxie’s excited when she feels the baby move for the first time.  

Ellie id trying to find a way to get back into Maxie's medical files, when Spinelli calls her with an update on his search for Lauren Frank.  Ellie lies to Spin, and tells him she’s been locked out of the computer and needs his help to get back in.  Spin shows her how to get in, and Ellie downloads Maxie’s file to a jump drive.  

Felix arrives the Drake house to baby-sit for Patrick, and is angry to see Britt there. Patrick calls Sabrina to cancel the date, and explains he’s going with Britt to the appointment.  

Sabrina tells Carly that Patrick cancelled, so Carly sits and drinks the champagne. She toasts to Jason, and knows he’d be proud of her for not answering Johnny’s call.  

Britt and Patrick wait at the clinic for the doctor.  

Connie pays Johnny a visit, and wonders why he called her.  Johnny says someone’s life depends on it.