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INTERVIEW: One Life to Live's Hillary B. Smith Talks Web Soaps, "Bora" Sex and Loving Her New Matthew

Hillary B. Smith is no stranger to the world of online soap operas. The One Life to Live powerhouse has starred in such digital hits as Venice and Fumbling Thru The Pieces; plus she was a producer on Crystal Chappell's pilot for The Grove. With all that dot com drama experience under her belt, does Llanview's Nora Buchanan have any tips for Prospect Park, as they bring OLTL and All My Children online? She says they have it covered.


Speaking of having things covered, the soap vet gushes about Robert Gorrie, the young man charged with introducing a now adult Matthew Buchanan to the web. How will Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora react to their son's somewhat douchey behavior? Find out below what Smith told me on the red carpet before the premieres of the new OLTL and AMC!

Daytime Confidential: You're an early adapter to the web, having done Venice and Fumbling Thru The Pieces.

Hillary B. Smith: And The Grove!

DC: And The Grove?

HBS: I produced The Grove.

DC: Awesome, I didn't know that! Have you had any advice for the Prospect Park people as they embark on this venture?

HBS: I'm very careful to let them ask questions. If they want to ask me something, I'm happy to share with them my experiences, but they haven't really had to ask. I think they're way ahead of the game, so that's great. They've done their research.

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DC: In the promos, we're seeing Bo and Nora getting busy right along with the youngsters.

HBS: Yeah baby! All I have to say is, I'm liking my job a lot! [Laughs]

DC: How is Mama Nora going to deal with a less-than-gentlemanly Matthew?

HBS: You know what? I think it's good, because if everything was perfect, there'd be nothing to play. I love, love, love my new Matthew [Robert Gorrie]. I love, love, love my old Matthew [Eddie Alderson], but I love, love, love my new Matthew. He's a very good actor. It's a wonderful dynamic. It's been fun. Really fun!

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