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Top 5 Moments From Once Upon A Time's "The Evil Queen"

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Long Live The Evil Queen! Sunday’s episode of Once Upon A Time revealed how Regina received her evil alter moniker, and focused on her current struggle to return to power. Check out the Top 5 Moments from OUAT’s “The Evil Queen”.


The Evil Queen Makes A Deal With Rumpelstiltskin

In the Enchanted Forest, The Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) searched for Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin). After a village refused to give up her hiding spot, TEQ had the entire town slaughtered. In her desperate attempt to find Snow, TEQ visited Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) for help. She wanted to kill Snow White, and have the loyalty of the people. She just knew once Snow was dead, the people would accept her into their hearts.

TEQ asked Rumpel to teach her Cora’s (Barbara Hershey) shapeshifting spell, so she could secretly find and kill Snow. However, Rumpel believed it would take too long to teach her the spell, and came up with another solution. He would cast the spell on TEQ, but she would not control it or have any power while the spell was in effect.

He also demanded TEQ sever all trade with King George’s land. TEQ agreed, and a puff of purple smoke engulfed her. Once the smoke cleared, TEQ had messy hair and old tattered clothing. Rumpel showed TEQ her reflection in the mirror, and it was a totally different person. TEQ thanked Rumpel and set off to murder Snow White. Will The Evil Queen remember magic always comes with a price?


Captain Hook, Regina and The Curse Trigger

Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) visited Regina, and asked for her protection. He told her about Greg and Tamara’s plan to have him betray her to find out Greg’s father’s whereabouts. Hook proposed to form his own an alliance with Regina to counteract Greg and Tamara’s scheme. Regina was wary to trust Hook, so he brought up her mother and mentioned reforming their group.

Regina quickly informed him of Cora’s death, and Hook apologized. He gave her a big speech about Cora only wanting Regina to win, and thought he could pay tribute to her by helping Regina with her revenge. Regina nodded, and showed Hook her Magic Bean plant. She revealed her plan to return to The Enchanted Forest, once Storybrooke was totally destroyed. Regina assured Hook that Rumpelstiltskin would die if he helped her.

Later on, Regina and Captain Hook traveled to the library and took the magical elevator down. They ended up in the same dark underworld where Emma fought Maleficent in Season 1. Regina wanted to retrieve a trigger, which would destroy Storybrooke, and the original curse. Hook wished to know his part in the plan. Regina admitted he was the distraction. She pushed Hook over the edge of a small cliff, and a huge creature formed. The creature turned out to be a very angry Maleficent. She and Hook battled, while Regina regained possession of the trigger to destroy Storybrooke. It looked like a dark jewel of some kind. Could the trigger spell doom for Storybrooke?

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Greg, Tamara, and Captain Hook Form An Alliance

Greg (Ethan Embry) and Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green) held Captain Hook hostage, and offered him a deal in exchange for his freedom. They wanted him to use his ties to Regina to find Greg’s father. Hook’s reward would be knowledge of how to kill a magical creature.

Hook followed Greg and Tamara’s plan to perfection. He lured Regina into a fake alliance to ensure she would come face to face with Greg and Tamara. As the four had a stare down in the library, Regina attempted to put a stop to things with her magic. However, nothing happened when she tried to use it. The wrist cuff Hook gave Regina earlier was blocking her power. Greg informed Regina she couldn’t get the cuff off even if she tried. He also confessed to Regina his mission in town wasn’t just to get his father back. Greg refused to tell Regina his other reason for returning to Storybrooke, and ordered Tamara to bag Regina. What will happen to Regina?


The Evil Queen and Snow White’s Sordid Past

A cloaked Evil Queen happened upon a town gathering. The citizens played a game where they shot arrows into a stuffed doll of The Evil Queen. The hidden Evil Queen took offense to the game and tried to stop it. As soon as she grabbed a lit torch to stifle hecklers, her dark knights showed up. TEQ was glad to see them, and clearly forgot she was unrecognizable to everyone. TEQ tried to show the knights she was the queen by using magic, but nothing happened when she raised her hands. The knights promptly arrested TEQ, while she shouted she was the queen.

As the knights escorted her out of the town, TEQ yelled for Rumpelstiltskin’s help. However, he didn’t show up, but Snow White did. She battled the knights and freed TEQ. TEQ realized it was Snow, and passed out.

A disguised TEQ woke up, as Snow White cared for her. TEQ had developed a fever from being struck by a dirty blade. TEQ lied to Snow, and said her name was Wilma. The two made small talk, and Snow cleaned TEQ’s wound. While Snow patched TEQ up, she told her the story of a woman saving her from her runaway horse when she was younger. Snow confessed it changed her, and made her always see the good in people.

After TEQ slept off the rest of her fever, she and Snow set off into the forest. They talked about TEQ and her vicious ways. Snow believed there was still good in TEQ, which left the cloaked queen shocked. Snow would also be willing to give TEQ a second chance, if she asked.

As they continued to chat, the women were stopped in their tracks by a field of dead bodies. Snow cried as she realized TEQ was behind their deaths. She quickly went back on her kind words about TEQ, and said there was never any good in the queen. The hidden TEQ brought up Snow’s story about being saved by TEQ, and Snow’s attitude changed. She knew she never mentioned it was the queen who saved her that day, and figured out TEQ’s disguise. Snow raised her arrow to TEQ, as the queen taunted her with words. TEQ tried to use her magic, but once again, nothing happened. TEQ ran away, as Snow looked on in disgust. Did TEQ learn anything from her encounter with Snow?


Emma is Suspicious of Tamara

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) accidentally bumped into Tamara at Granny’s, and caused the newcomer's belongings to spill out onto the floor. Emma helped her pick them up. She grabbed a piece of paper, which had all the town’s Storybrooke and Enchanted Forest identities written on it. Emma knew something wasn’t right with Tamara, and had to investigate.

She roped Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) into helping her break into Tamara and Neal’s (Michael Raymond-James) place to gain more clues. Emma looked around, while Henry stood watch outside. Neal showed up, and Henry panicked. Neal quickly figured out Emma was inside snooping, and busted the sheriff. Emma confessed her concerns about Tamara to Neal, but he didn’t believe her. She promised to drop her suspicions of Tamara, if she didn’t find anything under a loose floorboard in the room. Emma lifted the floorboard and nothing was underneath it.

Emma and Henry drowned their sorrows in bowl of ice cream. Henry assured his mother he believed Tamara is up to no good as well. How long will it take Emma to prove Tamara has bad intentions for the citizens of Storybrooke?