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All My Children and One Life to Live TOP The Charts; Plus My Thoughts on Their 2.0 Premiere Episodes

Looks like Brian Frons couldn't "train" people to stop loving soaps after all. Deadline is reporting All My Children and One Life to Live have topped the iTunes and Hulu charts in their historic returns.  From the report:


On iTunes, the soaps are No. 1 and No. 3 in the TV seasons category, sandwiching the current sixth season of AMC’s Mad Men. Among episodes, AMC and OLTL currently rank as No. 5 and No. 6. On Hulu, the AMC and OLTL premieres are the two most viewed TV episodes today.

As I tweeted after watching the premieres of both soaps last week, I am damn impressed with what Prospect Park has accomplished via their TOLN brand. SPOILER ALERT:One Life to Live picked up right where it left off on ABC Daytime, reigniting the legendary Viki Buchanan (Erika Slezak) vs. Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser) feud and starting a new chapter in the Tale of Two Todds, complete with the returns of Roger Howarth (Todd) and Trevor St. John (Victor).


Dorian's sexy niece, Blair (Kassie DePaiva) was right where she belonged — at the center of the action. Blair tried to move on with her life by refashioning her club Capricorn as Shelter. Did anyone else wince when that tool she tried to pick up told her he wasn't into cougars? Blair Cramer is no cougar — she's a sleek, panther cat, ready to put another couple of scratches on Todd's face, or down his back, given the mood.

Blair's frenemy, Tea Delgado (Florencia Lozano) wasn't doing so hot. The once-fiery Latina barrister was still grieving for Victor and their child in the premiere. Tea was so distraught, she didn't realize what a hot-in-the-ass mess her daughter Dani (Kelley Missal) has become.

Druggie, drunken, little Dani stumbled and slurred her way through the season opener in a pair of hot pants. Not to be outdone, Dani's former crush Matthew (Robert Gorrie) has morphed into a disrespectful, deadbeat, who thinks it's okay to hit up a club opening, while his baby mama sits at home. Unfortunately for Matt, Destiny (Laura Harrier) wasn't trying to hear that noise. Can somebody get that baby to a stylist? It looked like a package of Now & Later candy exploded on her outfit.


Ms. Evans wasn't the only single mama who decided it was alright to go let off some steam. Viki and Clint's (Jerry verDorn) daughter Natalie (Melissa Archer) also attended the opening of Shelter, where she danced erotically-if-off-beat with club promoter Cutter Wentworth (Josh Kelly). The special guests of the evening turned out to be the brothers Lord and Manning, who showed up back-to-back, just in time to witness Dani's undoing.

Aside from Dorian (Robin Strasser) and David's (Tuc Watkins) sequences being a bit more campy than unsual, the new One Life to Live was sleak and fun, sort of Melrose Place 1.0 meets a daytime soap.Gorrie and Corbin Bleu, as freelance journalist Jeffrey King, are two of soaps' most promising newcomers in a long, long time.

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All My Children's premiere was also a solid effort. Unlike OLTL, however, AMC's pace was a bit meandering and the dialogue for the younger set needs freshening. While Dani and Co. sounded like actual, potty-mouthed young adults in fictional Llanview, PA., Miranda Montgomery's (the talented Denyse Tontz) high school locker chatter with hard-bodied AJ Chandler (Eric Nelsen) was a bit Saved By The Bell: The New Class, when it should be more Pretty Little Pine Valley Liars. I also didn't feel the constant, heavy-handed mentions of what happened "five years ago". I almost wanted to start a drinking game.


Where AMC's premiere beat OLTL's opener was in home and hearth. The incredible Jill Larson readily stepped back into the role of tentpole matriarch Opal Cortlandt. Larson's new, onscreen son Pete (Rob Wilson) was seemlessly folded into Pine Valley's storied, decades-old tapestry. The app mogul has that same mischievous twinkle in his eyes, that his big brother Tad had at his age. Because his mama loves him, so do we. That's how it works on the "stories".

It was great to see old friends like Jesse (Darnell Williams), Angie (Debbi Morgan), Dixie (Cady McClain), Brooke (Julia Barr) and Adam (David Canary), as well as newer acquaintances such as Drs. Griffin and Cara Castillo (Jordi Vilasuso and Lindsay Hartley). I predict things will get even more interesting now that dastardly Dr. David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) has been sprung from jail and Cassandra Foster's (Sal Stowers) disappearance is somehow tied to casino boss Zach Slater (Thorsten Kaye).

What I am most anxious to see, though, is how Miranda's scenes with her beloved mother, Bianca (Eden Riegel) play out. I've long thought Bianca raising a teenage Miranda could be akin to Mona (the late Frances Heflin) rearing young adult hellcat Erica Kane (Susan Lucci). To find out if that'll be the case, I guess I'll just have to tune in, er, log on, tomorrow!

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