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General Hospital: Perkie' s Observations

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Johnny informs Connie that Morgan’s life is in danger.  Johnny explains there is an online gambling unit that’s been targeting rich kids, and Morgan is in deep.  Connie points out no one knows Morgan is Sonny’s son, since he’s been known at school as Morgan Benson. However, Johnny knows it’s only a matter of time before someone digs into Morgan’s life, and finds the connection to Sonny. He believes the gambling group will target Morgan soon.  

Johnny tried to reach out to Carly, but she refused to speak with him. He wants Connie to tell Carly about what could happen to Morgan.  The two apologize for how they treated each other, and Johnny admits he’s where he should be.  

AJ runs into Carly at the Metro Court, and the two go back and forth about Brenda and Michael.  When Carly gets tired of AJ’s behavior, she threatens to throw him out. AJ quickly apologizes, and asks for a favor.  AJ would like a private table for tonight.  Carly is surprised he hasn’t screwed things up with Liz yet, and AJ mentions what happened with Nikolas.  Carly laughs at AJ’s screw up, which infuriates him. 

Olivia tells Sonny that Lulu is safe, but refusing to come home. She spills the beans about Dante asking Max and Milo for their help.  She offers to take Sonny out to dinner at the Metro Court for his birthday, but he doesn't feel like going. Olivia doesn't give up on Sonny, and he finally agrees.  

Molly and Alexis drop by Sam’s to check up on Rafe’s progress.  Molly is thrilled the arrangement is working out.  Molly is heading out to meet TJ, and Rafe decides to join her.  Once they’re gone, Sam admits to Alexis she’s worried about Rafe, because he seems traumatized.  Alexis reminds her Rafe has had a rough time, and he needs time to adjust. She's glad he has supportive people surrounding him. 

Emma’s upset to see Sabrina, and asks why she’s not on the date with Patrick.  Felix and Sabrina tell her Patrick is with a female patient, and Emma insists on details, including the patient’s name.  Sabrina explains it’s against the patient’s privacy and the rules to tell her that information.  

Britt appreciates Patrick keeping her company for the appointment, and asks him to sit in on the consultation with the doctor.  The doctor explains the procedure, and Britt is confident she knows what she’s doing.  The doctor asks if Patrick is pressuring Britt into doing the procedure, but he denies it.  When the doctor leaves, Patrick tells Britt he won’t turn his back on the baby, if she decides to have it.  After Patrick exits the room, Britt admits to the nurse she never had any intention of going through with the procedure.  

Rafe thanks Molly for being there for him, and treating him like he matters.  He reaches over, and kisses her.  Molly breaks off the kiss, and reminds him that she has a boyfriend. Rafe admits he likes her, and believes she feels the same way.  Molly assures him they’re just friends, and she’s with TJ. A crushed Rafe leaves. 

TJ asks Shawn for 500 dollars to prepare for his and Molly’s prom.  He wants to prove he’s the only guy for her.  When Molly arrives, she seems distracted. TJ wonders if it has to do with Rafe, but she denies it.  

Sonny and Olivia get to the restaurant, as Carly and AJ are arguing. They quickly break it up.  AJ eggs on Sonny about Michael and Brenda, and Sonny punches him in the face.  AJ accuses Sonny of being a coward and a thug. Before AJ can finish his tirade, he has one of his panic attacks and collapses.  The women think he’s having a heart attack, but AJ admits it’s a panic attack. He begs for some air, and Carly walks him out.

Olivia and Sonny celebrate his birthday.  Connie arrives, looking for Carly, but finds Olivia and Sonny instead.

Patrick returns home to find Sabrina asleep on the couch.  He wakes her with a kiss, and informs her Britt changed her mind.

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