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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly overhears AJ leaving a voice message for Liz. He asks for a chance to make things up to her. Carly wants to know why AJ would provoke Sonny, and then realizes AJ wanted Sonny to hit him. She believes it was his way of punishing himself for messing things up with Liz.  Carly asks what happened at the Metro Court, and AJ explains he’s been having panic attacks. Carly wonders what he’s afraid of, but he swears he has the episodes under control. He only wants Liz back.  Carly tells him Liz is moving on with Nik, and he should do the same with someone else.  

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Liz helps Nikolas settle into Windermere, despite her objections to him staying at the creepy place.  Liz offers up her place, but Nikolas wonders what AJ would think of it. Liz doesn't care, and notices she missed a call from AJ.  Nikolas asks if she’s through with AJ.  Liz tells him AJ is begging for a second chance, but Nik warns her AJ hasn’t changed.  Liz believes it’s better things with AJ ended so quickly.  

Ellie is about to explore Maxie’s medical file, when Maxie walks into the room. Ellie quickly closes her laptop, which piques Maxie’s curiosity.  Ellie claims she was Skyping with Spin, and Maxie’s grossed out they were having cyber sex in the living room.  After Maxie exits the room, Ellie debates with herself on whether she should look at the medical record or not. She decides she should, for the sake of the baby.  

Dante asks for Max’s help in locating Lulu, so he can get her medical help.  Max claims he may have a lead, and heads out. 

Lulu and Milo are working out together.  He tells her that she needs to go back to Dante, but she isn’t ready yet. Lulu wonders why she can’t stay with Milo longer.  Milo confesses he used to really like her.  Lulu asks why she didn’t like him back, and Milo explains she was interested in someone else. Then, she fell for Dante and the rest is history.  

Connie passes on Johnny’s information about Morgan and his gambling debts to Olivia and Sonny. Olivia wonders if Johnny is setting up Sonny, but Connie doesn’t believe Johnny would lie about Morgan. Sonny decides he needs to check into it.  

Sonny finds Dante and updates him on the Morgan issue.  Dante can’t believe Morgan would get into gambling, and feels he should know better considering Sonny’s business.  Sonny says Morgan was never really exposed to the business enough to know who to stay away from. He promises there will be hell to pay if something happens to Morgan.  Sonny tells Dante to stay in Port Charles and focus on getting Lulu's memory back. Sonny will take Shawn with him to find Morgan.  

Max tells Lulu she can’t keep hiding from Dante, and Sonny will be angry at Milo.  Lulu wants Max to keep quiet, but he’s decided he’s going to tell Dante.  Lulu admits she can’t go back to Dante yet, because he’s a stranger to her. Max doesn't care, and believes she’s messing with Milo’s life. Max can’t protect them anymore.  Max heads over to Dante’s, and tells him Lulu is with Milo.  

Milo’s upset that Max turned on him, because Max has always looked out for him. He only wanted things to be okay for Lulu.  Lulu won’t forget everything he’s done for her, and they kiss.  

Ellie looks at Maxie’s medical file, which indicates her pregnancy was confirmed on December 24th, but she miscarried on January 2nd. Then, a pregnancy was confirmed on January 18th.  Ellie doesn’t understand how any of this is possible. 

AJ calls Liz again, and Nik answers the phone.  AJ is angry; even though Nikolas informs him it isn’t what it seems.  Liz takes the phone, and AJ yells she barely waited a day before playing house with Nikolas and hangs up.  He decides he’s going to have a drink.  Carly tries to stop him, and AJ wonders why. He knows she's wanted him to fall off the wagon since his return.

Carly pours AJ a glass, and taunts that he’ll lose his son if he drinks. AJ knocks the glass out of her hand, and she asks if he’s going to hit her.  Instead, AJ grabs Carly and kisses her. 

Liz is upset AJ jumped to the wrong conclusion about her relationship with Nikolas. Liz believes everyone knows that she and Nik are over.  Nik isn't sure if he knows they're over.  He tells Liz he can’t stop thinking about her, and has never gotten over her. Nikolas pulls Liz into a kiss.