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INTERVIEW: Thom Racina on The New OLTL, Ice Princess Revisited and His Love and Hate For Daytime Confidential

It's no fun to learn you've gotten one of your soap icons a talkin' to! That happened to me on the red carpet before the premieres of the new One Life to Live and All My Children. It was there I found out from Thom Racina himself, the writers of the new OLTL have a love/hate relationship with Daytime Confidential!


The iconic scribe and I also dished about his plans to tell the kind of game-changing love stories he once told on ABC Daytime's General Hospital on the new OLTL, only with a more realistic touch for the modern day, internet savvy viewer.

Daytime Confidential: Hi Thom, it's Jamey Giddens from Daytime Confidential.

Thom Racina: Oh hi. Daytime Confidential. We love and hate you, you know? [Laughs]

DC: What? We love you!

TR:Daytime Confidential, that's how we get yelled at a lot. "How dare you post this? How dare you say that?" [Laughs]

DC: Aww, I'm sorry! Well, once you came on board it was over for me. I was like, I can support this, because you're one of my all-time favorite writers.

TR: Thank you! That's really heartwarming. Glad to hear that.

DC: You were one of our first big interviews when DC started, way back over five year ago.

TR: Ohhh! Yeah. How nice.

DC: I consider you to be the person who invented the supercouple.


TR: Luke and Laura. With Luke and Laura.

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DC: Right. Will we see a lot of those iconic love stories on One Life to Live?

TR: We're trying to build that. You know, you never know, because it all depends on the chemistry. We're writing chemistry. Whether they have it or not, that's something we have to see the actors do. I'm really curious about tonight [April 23]. I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't seen it!

DC: You haven't seen it?

TR: I haven't seen the show! [Laughs] This will be my first time.

DC: Oh wow! There's been all this buzz about how the shows are going to be sexier and that we might see a little skin?

TR: It's a different world, a different age and this is the internet. We might see a little bit of that, which would be very good. It's more real. It's more real life. That's exciting to me, to be able to do that.


DC: General Hospital, which is where you got your start in the whole soap game, revisited your Ice Princess storyline.

TR: You know, it just amazes me. Somebody sent me a clip on Valentine's Day of Luke and Laura discovering the box with the Ice Princess thing and I couldn't believe it. I said, "After all these years, they're doing that again?" and yet, it made me feel really proud.

DC: It came from your novel?

TR: Yes, it came from The Great Los Angeles Blizzard about snow on Los Angeles, and we just made it snow on Port Charles.

DC: Nice, well listen, you have a great night and we'll try not to get y'all in any more trouble!

TR: Please don't. We've had enough of that! [Laughs]