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SPOILERS: Are Carly and AJ Hitting the Sheets on General Hospital?


AJ, Elizabeth, Nikolas and Carly?  What happens when Carly takes AJ home to the Q Mansion?  Will someone  be doing a walk of shame, or will Carly just trying to keep AJ out of a bottle of booze?  Monica wants to know who AJ is trying to keep out of her eyesight.  Will Elizabeth give AJ yet another chance? What is it with Elizabeth and these Quartermaine men? She just can’t walk away!  Will Nikolas bow out gracefully? Nope, he tells Elizabeth he loves her and informs Laura of his plans for winning Elizabeth back. Laura may not be a fan of her son’s plan. 

Does AJ take a drink? Are Carly and AJ hitting the sheets? Will the two of them vow to never speak of it again?  There may be evidence of their night together when their phones get mixed up.  What will happen if Elizabeth finds out about his night with Carly?

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Will Milo listen to his big brother?  Max wants Milo to bring Lulu home, now!  Dante finds out where his wife is hiding and heads there.  When Lulu refuses to leave with him, Dante says he isn't leaving Milo’s apartment.  Will Lulu stay? She’s just not ready to be Dante’s wife. At some point, a visit with Nikolas might just have Lulu remembering something.  Maxie’s invitation to a doctor’s appointment may also spark a memory.

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan…. What have you gotten yourself into?  Sonny takes Shawn with him and the two head to Vanderbilt.  When they get into Morgan’s room, will a gun be pointing back at them?

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