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INTERVIEW: Jackie Zeman Chats Up Her General Hospital Visit, Cartini and Bobbie's Missing Son Lucas


Who better to celebrate General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary with than Jackie Zeman? At the Paley Center, the actress, who recently reprised beloved Nurse Bobbie Spencer,  shared her absolute joy over coming back to GH, her thoughts on a potential return for Bobbie's son Lucas and gave her thoughts on Frank Valentini and  Ron Carlivati

Daytime Confidential: What is like to be back for the 50th Anniversary and under the new team of executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati?

Jackie Zeman: It’s great to be back. I’m happy it’s for the 50th, because that’s a big deal, but under this team is the biggest part of what you just said.  Working with Mr. Valentini and Mr. Carlivati is amazing.  I’ve worked with a lot of executive producers, everyone that has been on GH for 35 years, that’s a lot of EP’s. There is a new energy and revitalization to the show. There’s this respect for what’s gone on in the history, but they’ve taken General Hospital and instead of redoing old stuff, they’ve brought it into the present and into the future with all this exciting intrigue and romance.  It’s compelling once again.  That’s exciting to be a part of.

DC: Bobbie has been in Seattle, do you think that was a nod to ABC’s primetime soap Grey’s Anatomy?

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JZ: Oh, there you go!  That could be. I don’t know, but I watch Grey’s all the time.  I happen to love that show.

DC: With Lucas in Seattle with Bobbie, any chance we’ll see him pop up in Port Charles?  He’d make a great date for Felix (Marc Samuel).

JZ: People keep saying that, but I don’t know because the powers that be, prior to the amazing men that are there now, were always afraid to go there. They couldn’t figure it out, which was a shame. Lucas was on since he was born. How often do you get a character that is on for so many years and you have so much potential to do something with them? There’s a lot of rich history.  There’s a lot of attachment that the audience has for him.  They saw him be born, grow up, go through all this stuff, his diabetes. I mean, they know him. 

DC: I think it would be great to have both Bobbie and Lucas back.

JZ: Fingers crossed.