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Is Will Free of Nick’s Blackmail on Days of Our Lives?

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Will (Chandler Massey) and EJ (James Scott) talked about being family, as Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) searched for Nick’s (Blake Berris) flash drive.

Sonny and Sami were interrupted by Nick's arrival, but fortunately, Adrienne Kiriakis (Judi Evans) distracted him long enough for them to hide in Nick’s closet. Just as Nick was about to open his closet, he was stopped by a phone call. Otherwise, Sami and Sonny would have been caught.

Sami: “Hey Will, you missed seeing us come out of the closet.”

A bit later as Sonny was leaving, he told Sami, “Next time we’ll knock over a liquor store.”

Is it just me or has Sami lost her touch for breaking and entering? Between the police station and this adventure, she sure has been having close shaves.

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Later, Adrienne warned Sami about her concern for Sonny. I really need to see more Adrienne and Sami scenes; they are so much fun to watch together. Sami told Adrienne she owed her for her help.

At the coffee shop, Sonny gave Nick a whole song and dance to keep him distracted while EJ, Will and Sami were frantically searching Nick’s flash drives on several computers at her office.  Sonny arrived at the office a bit later. They all continued searching the computers, until Will found it. They quickly had an impromptu celebration. However, since they didn’t have much time, Sonny rushed off to return the flash drives.

The best line of the day was right before Sonny rushed off and told Will, “Just remember, you’ve got the 2 a.m. feedings.”

I have to wonder if Will is actually free from Nick’s blackmail now. Nick seems like too smart of a man to let Will get off–no puns intended–that easily.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) confronted John (Drake Hogestyn) about his behavior and actions. She told him she was tired of being mistreated by him.  Marlena stormed out, under the watchful eye of Victor (John Aniston). He called John over, and told him they needed to have a talk, for Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) sake.

Ciara (Lauren Boles) gave Kristen (Eileen Davidson) an envelope as Brady watched, but it wasn’t the one with the photo Kristen has been searching to find.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) interrupted them, and took Ciara away.

Kristen told Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) she had feelings for Brady, but she didn’t love him half as much as she hated John. She told her father that the day Brady expected to marry her he’d find her in bed with John.