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Donna Defends Brooke Before Learning of Her Betrayal on The Bold and the Beautiful!

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Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Woods) and Liam (Scott Clifton) returned from their honeymoon. They stopped by Spencer Publications, where Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie (Heather Tom) were in his office. That sure was one short honeymoon.

After Bill left, Katie told Liam and Steffy how happy she was for them. She mentioned their child was lucky, because of the loyalty Spencer men possess. Did Katie not just live through the past two years of Hope/Liam/Steffy hell? If there is one thing Liam isn’t, it is loyal.

At Forrester, Taylor (Hunter Tylo), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Hope (Kim Matula) were all working on Caroline’s charity event. Boy, charity events sure get thrown together fast on The Bold and the Beautiful. It seems like it was only yesterday Caroline had the idea for it. Taylor inadvertently let it slip Liam and Steffy had returned.

After Brooke and Hope left, Donna lashed out at Taylor. She ordered the doctor to leave her sisters alone. Taylor pushed back at Donna, and asked if she wasn’t worried about Katie. Donna told Taylor that Brooke and Bill didn’t cross the line. She insisted neither would actually go through with it, because they knew what it would do to Katie.

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Meanwhile, Brooke was in her office having flashbacks of sleeping with Bill. Of course, Bill walked in. Brooke wanted to know how things were going with Bill and Katie’s relationship.

After having so vehemently defended Brooke to Taylor, Donna went to her sister’s office, where she discovered Brooke in Bill’s arms. The episode ended with Donna realizing Brooke had in fact betrayed Katie. Whether-or-not Brooke can somehow cover up the truth, will be determined in the next episode I guess.

Considering Ridge hasn’t been in the picture for months, if Brooke ends up pregnant, there aren’t going to be many men she could name as her baby's father.  It’s not like Thorne (Winsor Harmon) is just going to step up to the plate to help Brooke after being MIA 99.99% of the time. Also, Eric (John McCook) is with Taylor now.

Steffy went to Hope and told her she didn’t want them to end up like their mothers. Hope said that it was supposed to be her, not Steffy, married to Liam. She refused to forgive Steffy. I am so sick of Hope’s entitled attitude.