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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ellie confronts Maxie about the miscarriage. Ellie confesses to tricking Spin into helping her hack into Maxie’s records.  At first, Maxie claims she never had a miscarriage, and is currently pregnant with Lulu and Dante's baby. Ellie doesn't believe her, and knows Maxie had a miscarriage. Ellie believes Britt implanted her with one of the 2 extra frozen embryos, and decides to head to the lab to check.

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Maxie stops her, and admits she miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby.  Ellie realizes Maxie’s carrying Spinelli’s baby.  Maxie tells her neither Lante nor Spin know the truth. Ellie feels Spin needs to know immediately, and she must be the one to tell him.

Milo breaks off the kiss with Lulu, and tells her they can’t do this because she’s a married woman. He points out Dante is his friend, as well as Sonny’s son.  Lulu doesn’t remember her past, and is focused on the present. She likes that Milo has no expectations of her.  She admits the kiss made her feel less lonely, but Milo insists it can’t happen again.  Lulu’s upset she’s being forced to have someone else’s feelings, instead of her own. However, Milo doesn’t want Dante to show up and find them kissing.  

Liz breaks off the kiss with Nikolas, and informs him she can’t do this again.  Nik feels there is nothing standing in their way, but Liz mentions Lucky. She doesn’t want to disturb the peace they currently have.  Nik points out Lucky isn’t here, and there was feeling in their kiss.  Nik believes they shouldn’t feel regret, but he wants to take her places. He left because of Lucky, and wants to get back everything they had.  Liz knows they were wrong before, and can’t do this.  Nikolas wonders if it’s about Lucky or AJ. 

Liz thinks she overreacted to AJ, and feels she needs to work things out with him. Nik thinks AJ is manipulating her, and she shouldn’t go.  He lists all of AJ’s sins, and claims AJ hasn’t changed. He declares she’s better off without him.  Liz mentions AJ was there for her when Steven was sent to prison, and she owes him.  Nik feels he survived the shooting because of his love for Liz, and they’re meant to have a life together.  Liz insists on leaving. 

Carly and AJ head up to his room and proceed to have sex.  Once they’re done, they are both shocked by what they’ve done. Carly swears it won’t happen again.  AJ just wanted to forget he messed things up with Liz.   Both swear it won’t happen again, and are caught off guard when Monica knocks on the door.  

Monica tells AJ she heard something break, and wanted to make sure he was all right. She thinks he’s having a panic attack, but then realizes he’s not alone.  Monica assumes Liz is in AJ’s bed. She gets really happy, because she feels AJ deserves to be happy. Carly overhears Monica’s disgust at some of the women that have been with AJ. Once Monica leaves, Carly’s ready to go.  AJ warns her no one can know they’ve been together, especially his mother.  

Spinelli shows up at Betsy Frank’s door.  Betsy’s not thrilled to talk about her precious Franco, and what he suffered at Jason’s hands.  Spin tells her he’s looking for Franco’s daughter. At first, Betsy denies there is a daughter. However, when Spin mentions Heather confirmed it, Betsy admits Lauren is out there, but being protected by her mother.

Spin explains AJ wants Lauren to have her part of the inheritance. He thinks once she’s away from her mother, she may feel the need to get to know her grandmother.  Spin asks where Lauren is located.   Betsy only has an old address, but gives it to him anyway. After Spin leaves, Betsy calls out to a mystery person and says "You can come out now".

Dante knocks on Milo’s door.  Lulu’s angry he hasn’t left her alone.  Milo apologizes, and Dante realizes Lulu has actually been with Milo the entire time. Dante loses his cool and punches Milo.  Lulu angrily accuses Dante of assault, and threatens to call the police. Dante claims Milo is in the wrong, but Lulu says Milo’s only crime has been to be nice and helpful to her. She thinks Dante owes Milo an apology.  

Dante apologizes, and then asks Lulu to come home. He knows she needs to heal from her trauma.  He promises he won’t pressure her. He just misses her a lot. Lulu can’t go back yet, and admits she feels more comfortable with Milo.  Dante decides to stay with Milo as well.

Monica is shocked when her doorbell rings, and she finds Liz standing there.