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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Monica is shocked to discover Liz at her door.  Liz wants to see AJ, but Monica claims he’s in bed sleeping.  Liz informs her they had a fight earlier, which she now regrets. Liz needs to speak with AJ.  

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Carly worries Monica might run into Liz, and say something to her.  AJ is certain his mother would never say anything.  Carly tries to leave, but is stopped when she sees Monica and Liz at the front door.  

Ellie tells Spin she has something important to tell him, but Maxie grabs the phone out of Ellie's hand. She tells Spin that Ellie had to leave, and will call him later.  Spin wonders what’s wrong, and Maxie tells him Ellie hacked into her records.  

Lulu’s not happy when Dante declares he’s going to stay at Milo’s as well.  Max shows up, and Milo is angry with him for telling Dante. However, Max feels he was looking out for Dante. He also believes Milo’s in the wrong in this situation. Milo was only trying to help Lulu.  Lulu decides she’s had enough, and takes off.  

Laura stops by Windermere to check on Nikolas, and wonders why Liz isn’t with him. Nik tells her Liz was there, but left after they kissed.  Nik admits he still has feelings for Liz, which surprises Laura, who thought Liz and AJ were together.  Nik explains how AJ warned him off, and Liz broke up with him.  

Laura’s not happy to hear Nik is interested in Liz, and reminds Nik he nearly lost his brother the last time. She warns Lucky may not be forgiving the second time.  Nik points out Lucky is gone, and he let Liz go. Laura still believes Lucky would find Nik and Liz being together painful. Nik swears it’s more about AJ, and the fact Liz shouldn’t be with him.  Laura knows Nik will be labeled a home wrecker again.  She doesn’t think it's right for Nik to break up Liz and AJ’s relationship.  She tells him to stay out of it, but Nik admits he can’t.  

Ellie still wants to tell Spin the truth, since he deserves to know he’s the father of Maxie’s baby.  Maxie tells her Lulu and Dante want a child, and that shouldn’t change simply because Maxie made a mistake by sleeping with Spin.  Ellie insists everyone involved deserves to know the truth.  Maxie wonders if Ellie really wants Spin to know the truth, because Spin will want to be involved in the child and Maxie's life. 

Maxie feels the baby move, as does Ellie.  Maxie says Spin doesn’t want kids with her, and Lante desperately want a baby. She honestly believes this is best for everyone.  Ellie gets a call from Spin, but ignores it and leaves.  

AJ comes downstairs to intercept Liz.  She tells him that she didn’t like how they left things, and she overreacted.  AJ admits he acted badly as well, and knows there is nothing between her and Nik.  Liz tells him Nik admitted he had feelings for her, and they kissed.  She tells AJ she stopped the kiss, because she wanted to see what would happen between them.  Liz doesn’t want them to hide things from each other.  AJ’s happy they’re getting a do over. 

Monica heads to AJ’s room to find the hussy he slept with, and finds Carly hiding in the closet.  Carly swears this was a one-time thing, and wants nothing more do with AJ. Monica is angry Carly may have messed up the possibility of AJ and Liz.  Carly knows Liz has been through hell, and doesn’t deserve AJ.  The two claim they will never mention what happened the prior evening, and Monica escorts Carly out of the house.   

Monica confronts AJ, and warns him Liz can never find out what happened between him and Carly.  

Dante finds Lulu at The Floating Rib, and proceeds to tell her about their first meeting there. He brings up the game of pool they played, and a few others who were there that night. Lulu has a brief flash of the event, and Dante asks if she remembered something. Milo shows up before Lulu can answer, and Lulu decides it’s all too much. She takes off again, with Milo.