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Donna Helps Brooke and Bill Cover up Their Betrayal on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Donna (Jennifer Gareis) couldn’t believe Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) had betrayed Katie (Heather Tom).  As usual, Brooke made a bunch of excuses for her marriage-busting behavior. 

Brooke told her sister she and Bill (Don Diamont) agreed it would never happen again. Donna said she didn’t care. She wanted to know how he could ever be a husband to Katie again.  Donna quickly agreed to help cover up the secret. She said she didn’t think Katie could survive such news.

Meanwhile, Bill’s horny ass was snooping on Donna’s desk, where there just happened to be pictures of Brooke in lingerie. Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) interrupted his fantasies to talk about her charity event. 

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Bill told his niece how proud he was of what she was doing, but that he couldn’t be there because he needed to be with Katie. It was nice to see airhead Caroline share a substantial moment with her uncle.

Oliver (Zack Conroy), Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), Marcus (Texas Battle), Thomas (Adam Gregory) and Rick (Jacob Young) weren’t all that enthused about modeling in their underwear for charity. When they found out tickets had already sold out, they grudgingly agreed to help.

I don’t see what Rick’s problem was. He had no problem strutting around in high heels on a catwalk. 

It’s a good thing there are a lot of female names that begin with the letter M, because Caroline is running through them faster than a roadrunner. I laughed when she called Maya (Karla Mosley) “Marigold.”