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Dorian Lord Fights Back on One Life to Live!

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Jeffrey King (Corbin Bleu) was excited by the new Senate ethics investigation into whether Dorian (Robin Strasser) tried to cover up C.I.A. black sites. Viki (Erika Slezak) wasn’t quite as excited. She didn't want Dorian (Robin Strasser) to be collateral damage. Jeffrey said they needed to run with Dorian's quote, because it was the kind of  scoop that would help save The Banner in the digital age. Viki warned the ambitious reporter to do his due diligence.

David (Tuc Watkins) told Dorian for the first time in her life she committed the crime of being naïve. When a reporter called and asked when the “holed up” senator was going to do an interview, she took the challenge and scheduled an interview.

The interview was going fairly well until the TV reporter brought up Dorian’s comment about Americans being “a bunch of idiots who can’t be trusted to spell their own names right."  Dorian later vowed Viki would pay.

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Victor (Trevor St. John) and Tea (Florencia Lozano) made hot and passionate love on the floor.  Afterwards, she asked him about the tattoo on his wrist. He wasn't very forthcoming. Victor later was discovered the nursery. Tea tearfully recounted losing their child and how Todd (Roger Howarth) had switched the babies.

A mysterious man brought a police officer to Cutter (Josh Kelly) and told him he’d be working at Shelter at night. Cutter agreed, but didn’t want to know any details.

Todd tried to reconnect with Jack (Andrew Trischitta) by cracking open two bottles of beer. Blair (Kassie DePaiva) snatched the booze away from their son and ripped into her ex. Blair told Todd he couldn't just swoop back into town and expect things to be okay with her or his kids. Todd countered by taking one of the flowers used as table decorations to woo her. Blair and Todd are still just as sizzling as Victor and Tea. 

Rama (Shenez Treasury) saw a headline about Shelter's disastrous opening night, only to discover Vimal (Nick Choksi) holding the copy of The Banner. Her estranged husband wanted her back so badly, he was prepared to agree to an open marriage!

The episode ended with Victor ripping apart a stuffed giraffe, as a video camera recorded his actions. Who could be  filming Tea’s nursery?