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Did Mellie Just Scorch The Earth on Scandal?

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Once again, this week’s Scandal left you on the edge of your seat.  This show is great at final acts that leave you screaming at your TV in awe and disbelief. 

It’s not that the plotlines are so unpredictable; it’s that you get to know these characters.  You fool yourself into thinking you understand them. Cyrus (Jeff Perry) couldn’t have a pregnant girl murdered!  Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) wouldn’t kill Verna!  Mellie (Bellamy Young) wouldn’t blow up the president’s spot!  Then, they actually do and their character is irrevocably altered.  You realize, you actually had no freaking clue what they’re capable of. 

Mellie was living at Blair House. This time she'd really had enough.  Cyrus realized as much, while Fitz didn’t — or he just didn’t care.  Mellie declared she would only move back into the White House if Fitz cut off his relationship with Olivia (Kerry Washington) and personally apologized.  Playing on her power-hungry nature, Cyrus instead offered her political support.  They’d pave her way for the Governorship of California, then the presidency, if she stayed by Fitz’s side. 


 Cyrus said the alternative would be a whisper-smear campaign that said she was complicit in Fitz’s affairs (actually true), and that she was a closet lesbian, among other things.  Mellie’s eyes nearly popped out of her head, but she held firm.  It didn’t help Cy’s case that Fitz had gotten Olivia to visit the Oval Office.

 Cyrus told Fitz they weren’t dealing with “political animal” Mellie, but a woman scorned.  She gave them a 36-hour deadline for Fitz to apologize, or she’d go ahead with a live interview.

To Mellie’s horror, the deadline came and went.  She ultimately called her own bluff, and did the sit-down.  She played it beautifully.  Mellie revealed after the birth of their son, and nursing Fitz back after a gunshot wound, she’d found out her husband was unfaithful.  The interviewer was none another than an aghast James, who’d just gotten an on-air news job. 

Things sure are going to be awkward at home with his husband now!  Cyrus did everything to stop the interview from happening.   I thought he was going to give himself a heart attack, especially when he was sprinting down that hallway to the taping. 

Mellie actually went through with detonating Fitz's political career; and  it’s still only the second season!  I can’t imagine what’ll happen next.  It’s only a matter of time before Olivia has to hire the Gladiators to represent her! 

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To Olivia’s annoyance, Fitz had basically given Jake (Scott Foley) a presidential order to stalk Olivia — for her own protection. Jake was really charming about it, and their romance was rekindled slightly.  Or, perhpas Ms. Pope simply thought she could distract the Naval officer's probing about her and Ftiz with a kiss?

Fitz forced Olivia to come to the White House, so he could tell her  she’s more than his mistress. Furious, Liv told him if he wanted her, he had to earn her.  

Proving he was ready to prove it, Fitz showed up at Olivia's apartment. With the ticking down on  Mellie’s bomb, Fitz made love to the woman of his dreams. Did Fitz really just throw his presidency away for love?


Olivia Pope & Associates realized Charlie was the who'd assaulted Huck and had broken into Liv’s place. Could Cyrus be the mole, they wondered, but  Olivia didn’t want to believe her friend would betray their country — or want her dead. 

A concerned Huck revealed Cyrus had definitely ordered the hit on the president’s last mistress, Amanda Tanner.  Olivia seemed pretty shocked at this, but it might have just been the confirmation, since initially she thought Cyrus had been behind it. 

When the Gladiators realized Charlie was after information behind Defiance, they knew Cyrus couldn’t be the mole.  He couldn’t betray Fitz on that front without hanging himself. 

Cyrus and Jake faced off. Cyrus knew all about Olivia and Jake’s relationship, while Jake was hip to  Cyrus spying on him.  Jake then got the go-ahead by his shady boss (Joe Morton) to go after Charlie. 

What did you guys think about “A Woman Scorned?”

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