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Even Susan Flannery Wanted Stephanie to Die With Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful!


Should Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) have been with Eric (John McCook), their kids and/or favorite daughter-in-law Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) when she went to the Great Soap Museum in The Sky — as opposed to say, frenemy Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang)? The Bold and the Beautiful fans have debated this topic for months, but now, La Flannery herself has finally weighed in.

TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan spoke with the legendary actress on the heels of her latest Daytime Emmy nomination. Golden ladies weren't all they dished about. Flannery also got real about her exit from the sudser.

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TV Guide Magazine: You and Katherine both submitted the same episode — Stephanie dying with Brooke by her side. You never gave interviews at the end of your run on B&B so finally here's my chance to ask: How did you feel about the way your exit was written?

Flannery: I loved it. Toward the end, someone at the show told me Stephanie was going to die in, like, three weeks and I went up to Brad's office and said, "You're gonna have Brooke there with her at the end, right?" He looked up and gave me this great big grin and said, "Yes, that's who it is." I said, "Fabulous!" I think it worked out really well.

Well that settles that! To find out what else Flannery had to say, click here!