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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael arrives at the Quartermaine mansion to speak to AJ. He's concerned because AJ hasn’t answered any of Michael’s calls.  Monica remembers AJ's actions from the prior evening, and almost spills the beans to Michael. However, she tells Michael that Liz stopped by and made up with AJ.  Monica makes a comment about Carly, and then apologizes to Michael.  Michael tells her not to worry, since AJ and Carly can’t stand to be in the same room together. 

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Carly’s phone rings, and she sees it’s Liz. However, AJ stops her before she answers, because she has his phone by mistake.  The two argue about their tryst, and AJ wants nothing more to do with Carly, since Liz is giving him a second chance.  Carly points out Liz is always making bad choices with men. AJ wonders how she can be so negative about the woman who saved Joss’ life.  Carly figures she owes Liz, and should warn her away from AJ.  AJ tells her not to mess things up for him.  After he leaves, Carly notices 11 missed calls from Sonny. 

Sabrina tells Felix that Britt didn’t have the abortion, and she and Patrick agreed to co-parent.  Felix thinks the whole thing was all an act. He feels Britt never intended on going through with the procedure.  Sabrina doesn’t believe it, but Felix is certain. 

Britt complains of morning sickness, and heads off to the washroom.  Liz is surprised Britt kept the baby, and Patrick informs her Britt changed her mind. Patrick explains he doesn’t want the baby to feel unwanted like Matt did, so he’s going to be a good father.  He asks Liz to check on Britt, and Liz returns with bad news. Something is wrong with Britt and the baby. 

Olivia visits with Johnny to make sure he’s telling the truth about Morgan, and not setting Sonny up.  Johnny swears he’s telling the truth. Olivia doesn’t want to see Sonny hurt, and Johnny wonders why she’s so concerned.  Olivia feels Sonny has had a hard time lately, and she’s only showing friendly concern for him.

Sonny wants the university dean to open Morgan’s door, in order to find clues on Morgan’s possible whereabouts.  The dean swears they’ve been discreet about Morgan’s true paternity, so Sonny shouldn’t be there making a scene.  He knows there is no evidence of a gambling ring.  Sonny insists he open the door. When he does, Morgan’s roommate Travis is inside with a gun. 

Tracy tells Nikolas that AJ managed to book the relish on The Chew, and get national exposure. She wants Nik’s help in making sure AJ is stopped. Nikolas thinks they should be booked on the show instead.  Nik feels they have the better relish, but the name must change. Tracy admits the name is bad, and has thought of a new one, Pickle Eddie. Tracy thinks the new name will keep the brand in the family.  Tracy convinces Nikolas to call the network. He tries to get AJ bumped, but manages to book them on for a surprise taste off in the end. 

Michael tells AJ they are booked on The Chew tomorrow, and the relish is ready. Monica tells AJ to take Liz to New York.  

The dean wants to call the police on Sonny, but he points out the university will suffer a PR nightmare when news of the gambling ring comes to light.  Travis explains they were winning at first, and then things went bad. They owe 50 thousand dollars, so Morgan ran. 

Carly listens to her message, and hears Sonny tell her something is wrong with Morgan.  She calls Sonny, who explains everything.  He informs her Morgan took off, but he is going to find him.  Carly wants to join him, but Sonny tells her to stay home in case Morgan shows up. 

Patrick wants to run tests on Britt to see if there’s something wrong with the baby. Britt asks Liz for advice, since she’s been pregnant so often.  Liz is not amused.  

AJ drops by the hospital, and asks Liz to go to New York with him.  

Michael tells Carly he’s going to New York with AJ.  She asks if he’s heard from Morgan.  

Felix tells Sabrina that Britt is doing this to tie Patrick in knots.  Patrick asks Sabrina to keep an eye on Britt.  Sabrina accuses Britt of faking her sudden sickness, and believes she’s playing Patrick. Patrick returns to the room, and wonders why Sabrina is yelling at Britt.