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Holy Ovaries! Brooke is Pregnant on The Bold and the Beautiful!

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Caroline (Lindsey Godfrey) flitted about before the charity event, as guests began to arrive. One of the guests was Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) doctor, who said she was there because cancer research was so important. 

The show began with Caroline giving a speech and then playing a video in honor of her dead aunt.  She also mentioned Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) unsuccessful fight with cancer.

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The catwalk portion of the charity event started with Rick (Jacob Young) strutting his stuff down the catwalk. He was followed by Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), Oliver (Zack Conroy), Marcus (Texas Battle) and lastly Thomas (Adam Gregory).  The ladies in the audience were very appreciative of the men going shirtless.

Meanwhile, Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie (Heather Tom) shared a nice meal.  Bill told her that there was nothing more important to him than her, their child and the family they created.

After most of the fashion show guests had left, Brooke's doctor pulled her aside and revealed the “shocking” news. The Slut from the Valley is pregnant. Brooke likes to call Bill a stallion, well I guess this makes her his brood mare.