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INTERVIEW: All My Children's Thorsten Kaye Talks The Life of an Actor


With a commanding, virile presence, matched by the type of booming, thunderous voice you'd imagine Zeus utilizing on Mount Olympus, Thorsten Kaye could easily come off as intimidating, that is, if he wasn't so good natured. I was able to ask the All My Children star a few, quick questions on the red carpet before the premiere of the rebooted sudser and its sister soap One Life to Live.

With Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and Zach on the outs, what is in store for the casino mogul romantically? How will Minshew's upcoming guest spot as Kendall impact things? How did the actor, who went on to do NBC's Smash following AMC's cancellation on ABC Daytime, react to the news that the soap was coming back? We touched on all of those subjects. I also asked the popular star if his real-life leading lady Susan Haskell will ever reprise her historic role as OLTL's Marty Saybrooke.

Daytime Confidential: How are you feeling?

Thorsten Kaye: I'm feeling good. I think these guys [Prospect Park] did a good job. How are you feeling? What are you looking for?

DC: I'm excited. I'm really excited. I was skeptical at first, but now it's finally happening. I have to ask, what's going to be in store for Zach romantically?

TK: They've worked on a few things, but you know soaps. You never know what's gonna hit, what isn't gonna hit. Alicia's gonna come back. Who knows? One day at a time, man; one day at a time.

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DC: Walk me through the emotions you felt when you found out All My Children was coming back. You'd been through the cancellation, and found work on NBC's Smash. What was it like when you got the call about All My Children?

TK: Jamey, here's the thing, as an actor, you're never looking for a job that lasts longer than a season anyway. It's kind of like that in professional sports. You probably played sports, right? You're just lucky to be in it. When it's over, it's over. You know? It's not going to last forever.

DC: Actors are more like chameleons.

TK: Yeah, you have to be. It's set up like that. If you end up on a soap opera, it lasts a little longer. It's a gift.

DC:Your beautiful lady in real life is Susan Haskell. Fans want to know if Marty Saybrooke is coming back to One Life to Live?

TK: She got a raw deal the last time she was there, and wasn't happy about it. So she's a little gun-shy, I think. We'll see. If the story is right...

DC: Then you could be Patrick again, and play two roles on two different soaps!

TK: No. How about this? How about, she works and I stay at home? [Laughs]

DC: There you go!

TK: That's what I'm thinking.

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