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Top 5 Moments From Once Upon A Time's "Second Star to the Right"

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During Sunday Night’s episode of Once Upon A Time, all hell broke loose! Storybrooke was turned upside down by a shooting, a portal and someone being tortured. Check out the Top 5 Moments from OUAT’s “Second Star to the Right”.


David Cashes In A Favor

Desperate to find Regina (Lana Parrilla), David (Josh Dallas) decided to cash in a favor to Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) in order to find her. David and Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) asked Rumpel to use magic to help them locate Regina. Mr. Gold agreed, and prepared the potion. He used one of Regina’s tears he had in stock, and then asked for one of Mary Margaret’s.  Mary Margaret mustered up a tear, and the potion was complete. Mr. Gold instructed them to drop the potion into Mary Margaret’s eye, and it would allow her to see and feel everything Regina did.

David and Mary Margaret followed Mr. Gold’s directions, and almost immediately Mary Margaret doubled over in pain. She passed out from the intensity of it, and David managed to wake her. The potion worked to perfection, and Mary Margaret revealed she felt extreme pain, and smelled sardines. Were Mary Margaret’s clues enough to find Regina?


Regina’s Torture

Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) watched over Regina, as she was strapped to a table. Regina warned Hook he had no clue who he was trusting, referring to Greg (Ethan Embry) and Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green). Greg walked in with a strange machine, and asked Hook to help him with it. Hook refused, and left. Greg ignored the captain, and hooked up Regina to the machine. He asked her where his father was, and Regina didn’t answer. Greg walked over the machine and hit a switch. A surge of electricity passed through Regina’s body, and slightly lifted her off the table.

Tamara walked into the room and updated Greg on the next phase of their plan. Greg continued to electrocute Regina. Between shocks, she warned the two of them they had no idea who they were dealing with. She called them “a couple of fools, in over their heads, stealing magic”. Tamara and Greg informed Regina they did not want to steal magic, but destroy it. Regina knew the two of them alone couldn’t destroy magic. Greg revealed there were many more people like them, who believed magic is unholy and must be removed. The group of people had destroyed magic before, and will do it again in Storybrooke.

As David and Mary Margaret neared, Greg gave Regina one more chance to reveal his father’s location. Regina confessed she killed his father the second Greg left, and buried him at their campsite. An enraged Greg electrocuted Regina over and over again. Before he could finish her off, David and Mary Margaret came in guns a blazing. They scared off Greg, and rescued Regina.

David and Mary Margaret called The Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) to heal Regina. It worked, and Regina confessed about the trigger that can destroy Storybrooke, which is now in Greg and Tamara’s possession. Will they be able to save Storybrooke?

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Neal’s Past As Baelfire

After falling through the portal without Rumpelstiltskin, a young Baelfire (Dylan Schmid) ended up in London, England. The boy searched for food in a very nice house, but was caught eating bread by a young girl. She realized he was hungry, and gave him the food. The young girl, Wendy Darling (Freya Tingley), decided to hide Bae in her room, so he would have a place to stay. It worked for a few weeks, until Wendy’s parents caught her red handed giving Bae food. Bae apologized for hiding out in the house, and offered to leave immediately. However, Wendy’s parents stopped Bae, and declared he would live with them from now on.

One Night, Wendy woke up Bae to see a magical “shadow” that visited the house frequently, as of late. Bae warned Wendy and the children not to have any contact with the “shadow,” because “Magic always comes with a price”. Bae admitted to Wendy he came from a land with magic, and it was the reason he left. He assured her magic destroyed his life. Bae made Wendy promise to steer clear of magic. The next night, the “shadow” returned and Wendy broke her promise. She went away to Neverland with the “shadow”, while an extremely displeased Bae watched on.

Wendy finally appeared back home, and told Bae all about her experience in Neverland. She had fun in the magical land without adults, until nightfall. All the children cried for their parents, while the “shadow” refused to return the parents to the children. Once a person sets foot in Neverland, it is impossible to leave. Wendy was able to leave, because the “shadow” wanted a boy. She warned the “shadow” would return that night for one of her brothers. Bae promised Wendy he would not let magic destroy her family like it did his.

As expected, the “shadow” visited the house again, and tried to take one of Wendy’s brothers. Bae sacrificed himself to the “shadow”, in order to keep Wendy and her family safe. The “shadow” whisked Bae away, as the boy thanked Wendy for all her help.

A resourceful Bae lit a match while being dragged by the “shadow” over the ocean, and “the shadow” dropped him. He ended up being rescued by none other than Captain Hook. What kind of past do Baelfire and Captain Hook share?


Emma, Neal and Tamara Battle

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Neal (Michael Raymond-James) searched for Regina inside a building at the marina. Emma received a message from David that he and Mary Margaret had found Regina, and Emma needed to block the exits. David also told her Greg was responsible for Regina’s disappearance, not Tamara.

Suddenly, Tamara clocked Emma in the head with a steel pipe! She then picked up Emma’s gun, and pointed it toward Neal. She admitted she was behind the kidnapping, and had been lying to Neal since the beginning. Tamara professed she had to rid the world of magic. Neal soon realized Tamara didn’t love him, and knew he couldn’t let her leave. He approached her, and Tamara shot Neal in the chest! She raised the gun to shoot him again, when Emma came out of nowhere and kicked the gun out of Tamara’s hand.

The two women fought like two men, and Emma got the upper hand. Emma grabbed the gun, and pointed it directly at Tamara. In response, Tamara threw a magic bean at Emma, and created a green portal underneath her. Tamara bailed, as Emma held on for dear life above the portal. Neal managed to rescue Emma from the portal, but the ground collapsed underneath them. Emma was able to hold on to a piece of wood, and grabbed Neal as he dangled above the portal. Neal knew she couldn’t hold both of them, so he begged her to let go for Henry’s sake. Emma refused, because she needed him. The former lovers declared their love for one another, and Neal let go of Emma’s hand. Neal fell into the portal, while a heartbroken Emma cried over her lost love. Where did Neal end up?


Lacey’s Request

Lacey (Emilie de Ravin) and a much darker Mr. Gold raised hell all over town. After she watched him perform magic for David and Mary Margaret, Lacey had a request for Mr. Gold. She wanted him to make her immortal like him. If he did, she knew they would be together forever. Mr. Gold warned immortal meant to live forever, but it didn’t mean one couldn’t be killed. Will Mr. Gold grant Lacey’s wish?