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Cady McClain Declares All My Children is Reclaiming "Daytime Structure of Storytelling" From Primetime


Cady McClain is letting primetime know, All My Children is reclaiming serialized storytelling!  The actress has partnered with PARADE to blog an insider's take on AMC 's resurrection.

In her first post about the new AMC, McClain revealed:

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Every single character has something going on internally, some drive, some need, as well as a purpose. Perhaps most importantly, we all have some romance!

On AMC reclaiming serialized storytelling, McClain added:

We all know how many nighttime shows borrowed from the daytime structure of storytelling. Well, here on All My Children, we are claiming it right back as rightfully ours, thank you very much, due to the brilliance of Agnes Nixon – our creator, Ginger Smith – our Executive Producer, and Marlene MacPherson and Elizabeth Snyder – our intrepid head writers.