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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sabrina claims Britt is faking, and accuses her of having no intention of going through with the abortion in order to manipulate Patrick.  Patrick is shocked by Sabrina’s attitude. Sabrina believes it’s not that farfetched of an accusation, and wonders why Patrick is giving Britt the benefit of the doubt.  Patrick doesn’t trust Britt, but he needs to make sure the baby is okay.  

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AJ asks Liz to accompany him to New York, and promises separate rooms in their hotel. He explains about taping The Chew for Pickle Lila.  Liz agrees to go with him, and heads home to pack.  Spin tells AJ that Betsy told him Lauren was in New York City.  

Luke gives Tracy an update on Lulu.  She asks about the search for Lauren Frank.  Luke spoke with Betsy, who gave him a New York address.  He tells her Spinelli got the same information, but feels Spin won’t be a problem.  Tracy explains she changed the name of the relish, and Luke is surprised to see Edward’s face on the jar.  Tracy reminds Luke he needs to find Lauren before Spin does.  He agrees, but only after he’s checked on Lulu. 

Nik visits Lulu, and explains he’s her brother.  He swears he did everything he could to save her from Stavros, including getting shot.  Nik thinks Lulu doesn’t want to remember her past, but Lulu assures him she does. However, she admits Dante is putting pressure on her.  Nik starts to say something about love being worth it, and Lulu finishes his sentence.  He asks if she remembers anything, but she says it’s gone.  Nik advises his sister those that love her will never abandon her.  

Laura is on the way to Milo’s to show Lulu their family photo album, when Scotty stops her. He wants to know if they are still going through with their wedding.  Laura reminds him about Lulu's condition.  Scotty complains she left him to look after Nik, while she went off with Luke.  Laura assures Scotty she does want to marry him, but she needs to check on Lulu.  

Maxie warns Ellie to keep her mouth shut about the baby, especially to Lante.  Dante arrives, and asks if Maxie can talk to Lulu to try and jog her memory.   At Milo’s, Dante introduces Maxie to Lulu. He even puts her hand on Maxie’s belly.  Lulu feels the baby move, and Dante talks about the sonogram.  Lulu has a brief flash, but wonders if she’s just imagining what he’s describing.  Maxie offers to have Lulu join her at the next doctor's appointment, and Lulu agrees to go.  

Spin visits Ellie, and is angry with her for tricking him into helping her hack into Maxie’s records.  He feels there was no point, since Maxie isn’t lying. However, Ellie tells him Maxie is lying, and drops the news about Maxie's miscarriage.

Nik stops by to see Liz, and she updates him on her current situation with AJ. She tells him they are going to New York for the night.  She apologizes if she’s hurting him, but Nikolas admits he’s jealous. He still wants to be with her.  

Patrick gets Britt’s test results. They reveal she has serious morning sickness, and low potassium, which could cause cardiac arrhythmias.  Britt points out to Sabrina she wasn’t faking.  Patrick tells Britt she should have told him she was having problems. He vows they will deal with this together.  

Patrick tells Sabrina he’s Britt’s only source of support, and needs to be sure the baby is healthy.  Meanwhile, a perfectly fine Britt thanks the lab tech for changing the results in her favor.  

Tracy tells Nik which hotel they will be staying at in New York, but he wants her to change the reservations to AJ and Liz's hotel.

Laura drops by Milo’s, and asks to see Lulu. Lulu isn't home, but will return shortly.  Laura asks to sit and wait for her to come back, and Milo doesn't have a problem letting her stay.  Luke arrives, as Laura’s waiting for Lulu.