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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke shows up at Milo's apartment to speak with Lulu, but Laura tells him she’s gone to Maxie's OB appointment.  They make small talk about Bobbie and Noah dating, and Leslie and Spencer coming for a visit.  Luke asks if she’s still going to marry Baldwin, and she tells him she’s waiting until Lulu is better.  Laura wants him to put the rivalry with Scotty to rest.  She’s happy she married and loved Luke, and doesn’t regret their life together.  Luke agrees they had more highs than lows, and it was good.  Laura wonders if they still have something, and the two kiss.  

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Lucy runs into Scotty, who’s waiting for Laura to return.  He tells her Laura won’t marry him until Lulu gets her memory back.  Lucy offers Doc’s services to hypnotize Lulu.  Scotty worries Laura is dragging her feet because of Luke.   He's concerned Laura is still in love with Luke, and feels he needs to get Luke out of the picture.   Lucy gets a call that Doc isn’t coming, and Scotty offers to take her to dinner.    

TJ asks Molly to go to the prom with him.  She promises she will, but must confess something first.  Molly tells him Rafe kissed her, but swears it was one sided.   Molly doesn't want TJ not to freak out over nothing. She feels bad for Rafe; because he’s in the same bad place TJ was when his father died.  Molly tells TJ she’ll go to the prom with him and heads out. However, the young teen accidentally left her phone behind.  

At the church, Rafe lights a candle for his mother. Sam offers to take him to Kelly’s, but he doesn't want to go. Rafe explains what happened with Molly, and Sam understands why he’s hesitant to eat at Kelly’s. She reminds him Molly has a boyfriend.  Rafe claims he’s in love with Molly, but Sam believes it’s just a crush.  

Lulu can’t believe Maxie’s carrying her baby, and wonders if Maxie is worried about becoming too attached to the baby. Maxie reassures her she will have no problem giving Lante the baby.  Dante spots a man going in to give a sample, and tells Lulu their story. Lulu has a flashback, but when Dante presses, she claims she saw nothing.  

Ellie explains to Spinelli that Maxie had a miscarriage and lost Lulu and Dante's baby. She is positive Maxie is pregnant again with a new baby.  Spin asks whose baby it is, and Ellie fantasizes she tells Spin the truth. Spin is thrilled by the news.  When Maxie arrives in the fantasy, Spin dumps Ellie and declares his love for Maxie and their baby. Then, Lante arrive in the fantasy and Lulu’s upset to learn Maxie lied about carrying their child. Lulu ends up shooting Ellie. Ellie soon snaps out of her fantasy, and lies to Spin about Maxie's baby. She tells him Britt implanted Maxie with another one of Lante’s embryos, and there is no need for Lante to know the truth.  

After the kiss, Laura admits it was familiar, but different.  Luke declares it wasn’t like he remembered, and it’s time to let go.  Laura cries, and says it’s hard to say goodbye.  Luke points out it will never be goodbye between them, since they have kids together.  Laura wishes him nothing but the best, and asks if he’ll stand in the way of her wedding to Scotty. Luke tells Laura he won’t.  He informs her he’ll be out of town for a day on business for Tracy, and advises Laura not to give up on Lulu.  Laura pulls a family picture out of the album, and gives it to him.

TJ intercepts a text from Rafe to Molly, and agrees to meet with Rafe.  When Rafe gets there, TJ tells him to leave his girlfriend alone and punches Rafe in the face. 

When Maxie returns home, Ellie tells her that she understands Maxie's logic to lie about the baby’s paternity. She swears she will keep Maxie’s secret. 

Laura tells Scotty she saw Luke, and they’ve said their goodbyes. She’s ready to plan their wedding.  Laura professes Luke is her past, and Scotty is her future. 

Sam stays in the church and talks to Jason. She tells him about Danny, and understands he’s not coming home. Suddenly, she hears a noise and calls out. 

Luke is at Lauren Frank’s door.  Elsewhere, Spinelli is at Lauren Frank’s door.  Both doors open, and Luke is surprised to discover the person staring back at him isn’t Lauren.  Spin is happy, because he thinks he found the right person.