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Has John Undermined Natalie’s Confidence on One Life to Live?

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Natalie (Melissa Archer) fell asleep on the job, literally, and was awakened by Nora (Hillary B. Smith).  Nora asked if she was having a hard time without John (ex-Michael Easton). Natalie shared she couldn’t help wondering if there was something wrong with her. All My Children found a new Colby. One Life to Live needs to find a new John McBain, so he can return to Llanview.

Victor (Trevor St. John) and Tea (Florencia Lozano) brought Dani (Kelley Missal) home from the hospital, but Dani had no plans to stick around. She told them she needed to leave to get coffee. Tea tried to stop her, but Victor put himself between the mother and daughter.  After Dani was gone, Victor told Tea he needed some time alone and left the house.

Matthew (Robert Gorrie) spotted Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu) checking out a girl on “Facebook”, and quickly jumped in to help his friend hook the girl.  Shockingly, Dani actually went to the coffee shop, where she bumped into Matthew and Jeffrey. 

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David (Tuc Watkins) took his film crew to Shelter, where he found Todd (Roger Howarth) sitting at the bar. He quickly started filming Todd, as he tried to convince him to star in his reality TV show. After repeated “No Comment” replies to David’s various questions, Todd finally responded to his inquiry about Blair (Kassie DePaiva). At that moment, Blair just happened to pop up. Todd tried to make nice yet again, but Blair wasn’t having any of it. She told Todd she’d be nice to him around the children, but when they were alone “things would be real.”

Matthew went to Clint’s (Jerry verDorn) office, where his uncle told him it was time to start grooming him to take over Buchanan Enterprises. However, the new job wasn’t all sugarplums and candy. Clint warned Matthew not to make him regret his decision.

Victor did some lurking around Llanview. When he finally returned home, he made up an excuse to Tea and Dani so he wouldn’t have to go out with them.

Clint visited Natalie. He was concerned she was working too much.

Monday’s episode ended with Victor sneaking into Todd’s hotel room, and putting what appeared to be poison in the decanter. Based on the way the scene was shot, I wasn’t sure if it was Victor’s fantasy or if it actually happened. I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday’s episode.