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Brooke, You Can Run, but You Can't Hide on The Bold and the Beautiful!


Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) was in disbelief over the doctor's news that she is pregnant. I’m confused as to what kind of doctor drops tests results on her patient at a charity event.  While Brooke learned she is carrying the latest Spencer child, Katie (Heather Tom) and Bill (Don Diamont) rekindled their love at Spencer.  They wondered how Caroline’s charity event went. Bill knew Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) knocked it out of the park, simply because her last name is Spencer.

Caroline and Rick (Jacob Young) were coming off the high of the very successful charity event.  She informed Rick that his and the Forrester men’s abs helped her raise $100,000.  I truly find the amount amazing, since she threw that thing together in a day and a half. Most charity events take months and months of planning, and could only hope to raise a fraction of those earnings.  Rick and Caroline settled in for a serious talk about their relationship, and the snotty Caroline we’ve come to love went away.  Caroline wanted things to be better with her and Rick.  Caroline asked if she could fix whatever went wrong, and mentioned how things have changed since Maya entered their lives. He tried to explain about him and Maya, but Caroline fast talked her way around Rick telling her how he feels about Maya (Karla Mosley). 

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Maya bumped into a still semi-shirtless Carter, and congratulated him on a job well done on the runway.  He asked her to help him button up, and she was fine –as are all of us – with his shirt staying unbuttoned.  Carter advised Maya not to worry about Rick and Caroline.  He can tell  Maya is “old-fashioned”, and he’s willing to pursue her. However, he’s not waiting around forever, and sees the connection she has with Rick. 

Brooke’s doctor explained her menopause is still happening, but it’s just beginning. She is definitely with child.  They even ran the test twice to be sure.  The good doctor pointed out late in life pregnancies can be joyful, and wanted Brooke to come in for her first prenatal visit in a few weeks.  Brooke couldn’t handle the news of the pregnancy, as the memories overwhelmed her. She ran out of the room for air.  Finally, I found some common ground with Brooke Logan; all those flashbacks usually send me running too.

Katie apologized, yet again, to the man who impregnated her sister.  Bill declared to his wife that nothing can tear their family apart.  Be careful what you promise, Stallion.  Katie thanked Bill for their day together, and left the office. As she drove past the event, she saw Brooke running outside.  Katie ran up to Brooke, and asked what was wrong.  How will Brooke twist this one?