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Dixie Flips Out on David on All My Children!

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Angie (Debbi Morgan) tried to explain to Cara (Lindsay Hartley) why she helped David (Vincent Irizarry) get out of jail. Angie believed he deserved a chance to rebuild his life, but Cara didn’t agree at all.

AJ (Eric Nelsen) went BALLISTIC on Hunter (Daniel Covin) for treating Miranda (Denyse Tontz) so badly.  In the middle of Jane’s Addiction, he called the boy a “pussy.”  I haven’t decided what I think of all the swearing on Prospect Park’s soaps. While there has been some very well timed swearing, sometimes it has felt like the writers on both soaps were trying too hard. I don’t think they’ve found a good balance yet, but I'm sure they will.

One thing is certain, All My Children is powering through Miranda’s storyline. It felt more than a little fast for Miranda to go from hopelessly enchanted with Hunter to the aftermath of being humiliated in five episodes. I would have expected it to be stretched out longer.

AJ wasn’t the only member of the family to go OFF. Dixie (Cady McClain) walked into JR’s (Ryan Bittle) bedroom and discovered David with his hands around JR’s neck. She IMMEDIATELY started shouting bloody murder.  Angie and Cara rushed into the room, where David explained he was feeling JR’s pulse. He told them he’d seen JR move.

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Petey (Robert Scott Wilson) and Celia (Jordan Lane Price) spent time out in Pine Valley. With so much happening in Pine Valley at warp speed, Petey and Celia need to slow the hell down. They are coming across as forced. There is certainly potential for them, but at this pace, six months from now they’ll have great grandkids.

After the dust settled at Jane’s Addiction and the teens had left, Bianca (Eden Riegel) bumped into Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and the two caught up. Jane interrupted them, and told Bianca what happened to Miranda.

Bianca arrived at AJ’s room, where AJ and Miranda had sought refuge after the incident.  Bianca tried to be supportive, but Miranda threw Bianca’s lesbian activism back in her face.  Miranda demanded to know if Bianca thought of anyone other than herself when she came out. She wondered if Bianca ever pondered how it would make others feel. I understand the things children say to their parents are often very unfair, but having watched Bianca’s coming out story, I have to say this wasn’t a fun scene to watch. Bianca’s coming out struggle was not, in any way shape or form, how Miranda portrayed it.