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Rick Tries to Dump Caroline on the Bold and the Beautiful!


Rick (Jacob Young) is unsure he and Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) have said all that needs to be said, but they are interrupted by Bill, (Don Diamont) who is looking for Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).  He congratulates his niece on a job well done.

Caroline asks her uncle how he manages to hold on to what he’s acquired, since she’s losing what she’s gained. Caroline tells Maya's (Karla Mosley) story to Bill.  He asks if Rick and Caroline are committed to one another, by asking how many times her back’s been broken.

Bill declares Rick is not going to treat his niece like a “friend with benefits.” Caroline admits Rick was about to break up with her when Bill walked in. She needs to know what to do with the time she bought herself.  Bill hands out some sound advice to Caroline, “1. Know your enemy. 2. Have back up and moral support.”  Bill signs up for Team Caroline.  I must admit I’m intrigued to see these two do their worst. 

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Rick meets with the finance guy, who seems to have options as long as the alphabet depending on who is running Forrester Creations. Maya shows up at the end of their meeting.  She tells him she saw Caroline thanking him after the fashion show, and she wants answers.  Rick explains to Maya that Caroline dodged the break-up talk.  Maya tells Rick not to end things with Caroline if it’s not what he wants.  Rick says Maya knows what he wants.  He asks Maya to take the bumpy ride that is his life with him, and he kisses her. 

Rick finds a somber Caroline, who apologizes for being an awful person.  Rick knows she’s not completely at fault.  She promises to stop with the antics, and asks what he would say to a second chance. 

Bill’s assistant calls with a background check on Maya chock full of dirt. Maya finds Bill in Rick’s office, and he tells her to stay away from Rick.  He threatens to spill the dirt he has on her, unless she stays away from Rick.  Exactly what did you do Maya?

Katie  (Heather Tom) tells Brooke she’s scaring her, as the doctor’s diagnosis replays in Brooke’s head.  Have we moved on from flashbacks to voice-overs?  Katie thinks it’s ridiculous Brooke came back to the office, and wants answers.  Brooke tells Katie she’s not the only one who feels their life is ending sometimes, too.  Katie lets Brooke know Donna slipped and told her about Brooke's menopause starting. She knows that with everything else going on, especially Liam and Steffy's unplanned baby, it must be hard.  Katie asks her sister not turn everyone away like she did.  Donna (Jennifer Gareis) joins her sisters, as Katie asks Brooke to come home with her.  Brooke goes on the run again. 

Donna finds Brooke on the roof, and asks her sister if what ails her is from the doc’s diagnosis.  Donna tries to calm Brooke down about her “change.”  Brooke mumbles she and Katie are going to hate her, and tells Donna she’s pregnant!