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Bill Tells Maya to Stay Away From Rick on the Bold and the Beautiful


Donna (Jennifer Gareis) asks Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) if she’s sure there’s a baby on board, since just the other day she was telling her menopause had hit.  Donna realizes Bill (Don Diamont) is the baby's daddy, and Brooke runs again. I’m starting to see a pattern here.  Donna isn’t as dumb as she looks sometimes, and calls Brooke out on being in love with Bill.  Brooke explains to Donna she thought Katie and Bill’s marriage was over, when Katie (Heather Tom) took off her rings. Katie even told Brooke she should have Bill.  Donna thinks Brooke’s current situation sounds a lot like when Hope (Kim Matula) was conceived. 

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Donna wonders if Brooke plans on telling Bill, who is trying to make things work with his wife.  Brooke knows Katie is happy with her cheating hubby, and doesn’t want to ruin her sister’s happiness.  A word of advice Brooke; think about that before you bed your brother-in-law, even if you think he’s your soon-to-be ex-brother-in-law.  Bill happens by, and asks if everything is okay.  Well, not exactly, Bill.  Brooke diverts the conversation to Katie and Will.  Bill then waxed poetic about the importance of being there for your child. Oh, the irony. 

Bill lays it all out for Maya, (Karla Mosley) who accuses him of threatening her.  "Threat? What threat", asks Bill?  See, he’s offering Maya the chance of a lifetime, keeping her gig at Forrester.  Bill will keep Maya’s secrets, if she stays away from Rick (Jacob Young). He’s pretty certain she wants these secrets buried.  Maya questions how she’s supposed to steer clear of her boss.  Bill fires back and orders her to stay away from Caroline  (Linsey Godfrey) and Rick. It is not up for discussion, either.

Maya asks Bill exactly what he knows, and he tells her everything. She proceeds to confess the whole twisted tale.  She explains that after her move to LA, she fell for the wrong guy who was into all the wrong things. Then, she stayed with him for her baby. She got pinched for a crime that she wasn’t involved in, and then lost her child.  Bill reminds her there was more that went down with her and the man. Maybe Maya could beat the charges, but Bill cautions her fighting the rap sheet will most definitely get her axed from Forrester. It might even send her back behind bars.  I’d take Dollar Bill’s warning Maya. There are few who go against him. 

Rick is singing Caroline’s praises, but he’s just not that interested in showing them. Caroline calls him out on pulling away from her.  She tells him she’s the girl he needs.  He compliments her for how well she took care of him during the charity event.  He then attempts another “talk” with Caroline.  Just how many times is Rick going to try to break up with this girl? 

Rick tells Maya he spoke with Caroline, and that it’s over, but is it?  He promises to make it right, claiming she means too much to him.  The two embrace and Maya looks as if she’s giving Rick the last hug she’ll ever give him.